Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Personal Year in Review

I've done this for the past few years so I'm keeping the tradition alive.

-What was the best thing that happened to me this year? AB and I got married- and our wedding was AWESOME. I think everyone had a good time and it has left us with many good memories and pictures (which I need because my memory is shit).

-What did I do this year that I’m really proud of? I passed the NCLEX (nursing boards) on the first try and got a job at Duke. Although there are things about it that I could do without (or with more of), it's a good hospital and has been an awesome learning experience. I'll definitely try to stay there until I go to grad school.

-Who did I really help? Well, I helped a lot of patients. That's one thing about nursing- whether you mean to or not, there's at least one person (most likely more) whose life you have touched and made better by just doing your job. Despite not being a people person, it definitely makes me proud when my patients thank me (and when they call me the best nurse ever, well, toot toot!).

-Who do I need to thank and acknowledge for having been there for me? My parents- who are always there for me even when I make the dumbest decisions ever. My bridal party- I think I was fairly good at avoiding being a bridezilla but they tolerated every bit of it. AB- b/c he had no choice. :-)

-What are the top three lessons I learned? 1. Life is short and you never know when yours (or that of someone you love) will end. 2. People are capable of all sorts of childish, disrespectful, immature, lazy, inhumane, and cruel types things. In the hospital though they still have to be treated like everyone else. 3. I can do anything I put my mind to.

-What increased my happiness and joy this year? Having a job again. I needed to go back to school but not working made me feel lazy and childish. It's nice to be responsible for something again. Getting out of Greenville made me insanely happy also. I hated that town; now if I could only sell that house.

-What’s something I got through that was really tough? People will laugh, because not everyone is an animal lover like me- but losing Harrison was the toughest. He was one of my kids, and although he was "only a cat", he was my baby boy and I did the best I could to keep him healthy despite him having heart problems his entire life. I was blessed to have him in my life for 7 years, and although he was mischievous, loud, and totally ADHD, he loved me very much. After Harrison passed, it became apparent how insanely quiet the house without him in it. I love my other "kids" just as much, but they definitely do not have the energy and deviancy that he did. I still miss him very much, and if pets do return to us later in life in another form, I hope he's one of them. The experience also made me realize how easily our animals, friends, or family can be gone in a second- without any good-byes or closure- it has caused me to be a little more open with my feelings because you just don't know when you might not see that animal or person again.

-What did I avoid that I must pay more attention to in 2012? Paying off my debt- mainly because last year I didn't have to, but these student loans are a bitch. I'm talking an entire monthly mortgage worth each month, and since I still need good credit, it's something I have to work on. One other thing is my level of fitness; I have gotten incredibly out of shape and lazy, and although I've started running again I have a ways to go until I'll be satisfied.

-What character trait did I develop most this year? Patience. I know those who know me will find this shocking, but I need a LOT when I'm at work. Not everyone who comes to the hospital is appreciative of what others try to do for them.

-What new people did I meet that are now in my life? My coworkers- and I have some awesome ones. Oh, and my nephew/godson who is the cutest freaking kid on the planet.

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