Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Decorations

AB and I finally finished putting up Christmas decorations. He did everything outside (which I felt guilty about until I was jogging tonight and noticed all the other men in the neighborhood doing the same thing) and I tried to do most of the inside- with help from AB and my mom. I admit though- AB did most of the tree- he likes Christmas trees. Below are some photos of what we managed to get done. We have one more strand of snowflake lights to hang but that's about it.

It would feel more Christmas-ey if it hadn't been 65 and sunny today (although the dogs got to go to Umstead again which they loved). I can't complain though- I love this weather considering it's December. The only sad moment today was after we put up the tree and I realized we wouldn't be yelling at Harrison this year to stop eating it.

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