Sunday, November 27, 2011


Tomorrow I finally go back to work, and I admit it's hard to get motivated after being off since last Tuesday. I already posted about how Thanksgiving went (awesome) and not TOO much has happened since then. Friday AB and I recovered from the previous day, and got some cleaning done. Saturday we took the dogs to Umstead for a 3 mile walk and then went to his parents house for dinner. It was our sister-in-law's birthday and since her, AB's brother, and 3 kids are only in NC about every 6 months, it was nice to get some quality time in with them.

When we left his parents house late Saturday night, we went by the emergency vet to pick up Harrison's ashes. I had my last cat (Callie) cremated and they returned her ashes in a plastic box within a velvet bag with a copy of the Rainbow Bridge story in it. I was expecting about the same thing. The tech handed me a green gift bag and AB and I went back out to the car. Once in the car I opened the bag and inside was a BEAUTIFUL wooden box that had a metal plate for engraving with it. The crematorium had also put a card in there for us along with a sprig of rosemary. The best surprise though was that they had also done an imprint of Harrison's paw on a small round plaster ornament with his name scratched into it and a bow at the top. Needless to say I broke down in tears and cried most of the way home. When we pulled up in the driveway what did I find but the photo book of Harrison I had made last week sitting on the front porch. Somehow I managed to get his ashes returned and the book of photos exactly one week after he left us. I still miss that cat with all my heart, and I think Indy goes through brief times when he does too (as evidenced by his wandering around the house howling).

Today AB and I slept in and then went out to see my parents for a little while. My mom was trying to get some Christmas decorating done and my dad was just piddling around. It was a nice little visit, but unfortunately I was unusually tired and couldn't contribute to much. We came back home this evening, made an attempt to pull out our decorations, and then sat on our butts in front of the TV instead. I'm hoping for more energy tomorrow.

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