Tuesday, November 22, 2011


It's been 3 days since I lost my katten-meow, and although the crying has slowed down considerably, the ache in my chest is still the same. I still break out in tears whenever I go in the "cat room" or see a picture of him, but I did manage to make it through work all day without any issues. I think it was nice for me to get away from the house, seeing as though every time I'm in it I feel sad all over again. I know that feeling will go away eventually, but for now it's rough. Harrison and I had a special bond that he definitely did not have with anyone else so I realize I miss him much more than others do (well, or anyone- he drove most people nuts). I sat down last night and typed out pages of memories; I've decided to do that with all of my pets since my memory is so terrible. I honestly have lost huge chunks of my life and can't for the life of me picture things from those times in my head. As much as I love Harrison, I know that memories of him will fade with everything else, and I didn't want that to happen. At least now I have a reminder.

On another note, AB and I are still hosting Thanksgiving with our families this year. I see it going one of two ways- really good or really bad. There are some personality issues within the group and some slightly negative awkward feelings. I think as long as no one makes light of losing Harrison that I will manage okay; sadly I see that being a possibility though. I'll just cross my fingers and pray that everything goes smoothly; otherwise I foresee no more hosting in the future!

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