Saturday, November 12, 2011


eating/drinking: nothing. but i did just finish homemade pumpkin spice latte

feeling: jittery- probably from the coffee b/c caffeine hates me. motivated- i want to take the dogs to umstead for a hike but ab is hard to get away from the tv, esp when nascar is on

listening: to nascar on tv (sigh)

watching: nothing. i like my nascar driver but i have no interest in watching them go around in large circles

reading: one of the dulcie o'neal books...she's a fairy. they're cheap books for the kindle

loving: the weather today- sunny and 73

disliking: there are a few things right now but in the interest of being positive, i will keep them to myself

thinking: i need to be outside

hoping: work isn't as insane next week. i picked up an extra shift on friday and it was disastrous. it also reminded me that many surgeons are socially incompetent, big-headed douche bags

wishing: for world peace and a smaller waist...and to win the lottery

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  1. I need to read those fairy books. I have a lot of books I need to read, I just need to finish the one I'm on now.

    and they're socially incompetent big-headed douche bags who make a lot of money. sigh.

    I'd also like world peace, a smaller waist and to win the lottery.


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