Monday, November 14, 2011


Today was my one day off for the week, and I have to admit I was WAY more productive than I thought- which is good because usually I'm a lazy SOB. Aside from getting the house sparkling, AB and I ran some errands that needed to be done that we kept putting off (that laziness again). Yesterday I got all of the Christmas cards stuffed in the envelopes and addressed, and that alone is a feat because I usually put it off until the last minute. In years past I've written a letter to go with the cards, but since everyone getting a card came to our wedding, I'm sure they know the main highlights. I'll go back to a letter next year I'm sure.

AB and I also started planning our ski trip to Utah in February- I think it will be the first time since high school that I'm not in town for my birthday (32, not a biggy). I haven't been skiing in about 5 years so it will be an experience I'm sure.

Other than the above, we've just been enjoying the warm sunny weather with the dogs. Knowing this state, it will be gone in a day or two and replaced by an inch of ice or something.

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  1. oooh skiing on your birthday should be fun :) and we can have an early birthday celebration for you when you get out here :P


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