Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Really? Really.

I've been "training" to be a closing nurse in pre-op since one of the main ones left for another job. When you close in pre-op you're pretty much responsible for making sure all the next day surgeries have been notified and taking care of any add-on patients that come in for surgery (emergency and inpatient). I'm comfortable with most of it already but there are a few things I'm questionable on, which is why I always get paired with someone else. The nurse I was with tonight, while being an incredibly sweet woman (she really is one of the genuinely nice people), had just returned from maternity leave and therefore was still 99% focused on her baby and 1% focused on work. This is how I felt like the night went (and I admit to a slight exaggeration):

Me: Who do I need to call about getting this patient down here b/c the OR wants them?
Her: Have you seen my baby (stare at FB)- he's so adorable. Oh, have you seen my baby? Isn't he sweet?
Me: So...this patient has no consents for surgery and no one listed. Who should I call?
Her: My baby is adorable. I miss my baby.
Me: This woman on the phone wants to cancel a Friday surgery for her mom and she doesn't know the surgeon's name. What do I tell her since she apparently knows nothing and we don't know Friday's schedule yet?
Her: I miss my baby.
Me: I miss my bed but I still need to know what to do with this patient over here who has gone comatose all of the sudden & the CPR isn't working.
Her: Try again? I have to show so-and-so my baby pictures. Be there in a sec.
Me: I think the guy in the next bedspace is vomiting blood.
Her: (staring intently at baby pictures on FB)
Me: Hello???

So I do admit that I am exagerating some but that's about how I felt. I did almost all of the stuff tonight and handled pretty much all of the calls and transfers while she showed people baby pictures on FB. Sigh. I'm so thankful that, while my sister does take a lot of pictures, she doesn't get obnoxious about it.


  1. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa AWESOME CONVERSATION!! I would've loved to have heard it.

    And no, I don't ooh and aah over Laird's pictures. I get to see him 24/7. And I already know he's really damn cute, I guess I don't have to remind people :P

  2. That's because Laird IS the most adorable baby on the planet, unlike just any baby on FB. :)


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