Thursday, October 13, 2011


Today was a long day; it was also my fourth one in a row so needless to say I'm wiped. It wasn't as busy as Thursdays usually are but I did have some issues going on that made it more frustrating than usual. It was definitely one of those days that reminded me that nursing is a means to an end, and not my ultimate calling.

When I did finally got home I discovered a large drooly dog spread across my bed (fail), the cat feeder toppled and dragged across the room (fail), the litterbox clogged (fail), and nothing desirable to eat (super fail as I did not get any kind of break since 1pm today and am a bit hungry). Thankfully this is a four day weekend. AB and I are going backpacking and/or camping this weekend up in the mountains and I get to catch up on all my exciting doctor's appointments on Monday (goody). I will do my best to post on Saturday but if I miss that day then I'll just do double duty another. I'm not fond of taking technology on my vacations so I try to leave them at home. Wish other people would....sigh.

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  1. I'm not fond of technology on vacations, either. A cell phone is a must though, but only in case of an emergency (so it should be left on silent/vibrate and not within an arm's reach).


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