Saturday, October 8, 2011

More prompts

Which flight do you like better -- going somewhere or coming home?

How is that even a question? I definitely prefer the flight going somewhere; all that anticipation and excitement. I don't think I've ever flown anywhere in which the flight home was more desired...although I do tend to miss my pets a lot so I'm always looking forward to seeing them. Wait, I take that back- there was a certain flight from LAX to RDU many years ago that I couldn't get on fast enough. That flight was also a huge changing point for a lot of things. Aside from that one, I will have to go with the outgoing flight!

What is something you always pack on a trip?

Simple. My driver's license.

List two things (however close or far) that your childhood home is between.

My childhood home was in between two places that people always enjoy traveling to: the Outer Banks and the Appalachian Mountains. Although I'd like to live somewhere other than NC, I have to admit that we have everything from beaches to mountains...although we don't seem to have seasons anymore.

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