Monday, October 10, 2011

Love it

Despite the fact that I'm going through that monthly mood swing phase, I've felt pretty good lately. It's fall, AB and I are going backpacking this weekend, the family is well, the pets are healthy (as far as I know, they haven't said otherwise), I'm not a total heifer despite how much I eat, the Halloween decorations are up, and I'm not completely broke. So, in honor of me not feeling like the usual bitch, I'm sharing things that I love.

I :
  • Everything pumpkin. I know I've mentioned that in a previous post, but I'm very passionate about pumpkin
  • The holidays that fall between October and December (New Year's has never been a big deal other than it gives me a reason to stuff my face with Hickory Farms goodness)
  • Lit fireplaces
  • When the leaves change for the fall
  • When everything gets green again for the spring
  • Snoozing in a hammock
  • Cruising on a boat
  • Cantering bareback across an open field (I haven't ridden in a long time but the last few times it was bareback on this awesome Quarter Horse that moved like a rocking horse)
  • My truck. It's old, it has a lot of mileage, my heated seat is broken, and it gets shit for gas mileage...but it's big and tanky and comfortable
  • Getting up on the wake board and subsequently not eating it face first after I do
  • Kayaking with my dog in the intracoastal waterway
  • Thunderstorms, especially at the beach
  • Christmas morning...although this Christmas I will be working a shift in the hospital. Sigh
  • A good book...especially sequels b/c there's more time to get to know the characters
  • Same as above, except for movies. That might be why some of my favorites are LOTR and Pirates of the Caribbean (although I haven't even watched the 4th one)
  • Cupcakes...of every size, shape, color, and flavor
  • Boots. Uggs, cowboy boots, knee-high's, thigh high's, ankle high', all boots
  • Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes, skinny caramel macchiato's, and pumpkin bread
  • My homemade pumpkin cranberry bread...yes, I do make something I love
  • My nephew/godson's smile :-)
  • An obvious, my family, husband, pets, and close friends
  • Our wedding was awesome. No joke
  • Back massages...but more so from people I know or women masseuse's...male ones creep me out
  • Soft, worn in jeans without holes in the crotch
  • Down comforters, because I get cold easily...oh, and my down jacket...b/c I get cold easily
  • Playing a song on the piano without cursing my way through a bunch of mistakes
  • The anticipation of going somewhere new and/or different
  • The smell of pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, and horse manure
  • Mushrooms and onions
  • The moment when my airplane lands safely and I know I'm not going to die in a place crash
  • Pinterest
  • Pictures of baby animals
  • The smell of the NC State Fair...and the food
  •'s a game. A stupid one. But I love it
  • Purple and green. Together, separate, either way
Okay, that's all I can think of off the top of my head. I'm also at work, which greatly decreases my desire for much of anything.

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  1. it IS a good smile, isn't it? does it feel weird yet to say HUSBAND!?


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