Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween & NASCAR

Next to Christmas, Halloween is probably my second most favorite holiday. I never do anything particularly exciting for Halloween (not since college anyways) but I love the decorations, the colors, the candy, and most of all, everything pumpkin. Although they're not in season anyways, I feel like pumpkins get gypped most of the year. When Starbucks stops carrying their pumpkin spice latte it's like a tiny part of me dies until the next fall. Okay, well not quite but you get the idea.

So today I decided to haul out my Halloween decorations and get in the spirit. Less than 1/2 a box in I realized it might be time to start investing in new decorations because some of my old ones are torn up. Really torn up. Torn up enough that AB would make them disappear while I'm at work because he's embarrassed by them. I have to go to Michael's today anyways to pick up a picture matting so I might just have to browse. For now though I do have electric jack-o-lanterns spread throughout the house.

Also, yesterday AB got to use his wedding gift and go to Charlotte Motor Speedway to drive a NASCAR car for a few minutes. His dad went with him, which was great because NASCAR is something they enjoy together. AB said he had an awesome time and I believe he managed to get up to 135mph around the track. Hopefully he doesn't try to drive his Matrix like he drove the racecar yesterday!

In the video he's driving the yellow car.

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