Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Flashing before my eyes

If your life flashed before your eyes, what are 5 moments you know would be included?
Well that's a hard one b/c I don't remember much but let me try. These are random but when I think of memories they pop into my head first.
  1. Wiping out while dancing up the steps at the wedding with Alister stepping all over my dress and the wedding planner telling him he forgot his bride
  2. The hummingbird that showed up at my Grandpa's funeral (my Grandma LOVED hummingbird's and she had passed away shortly before him)
  3. Cantering bareback across a field (no joke) a few years ago on a friend's chestnut ex-rodeo horse
  4. Sitting on the steps as a child with my sisters any Christmas morning while my parents and grandparents videotaped us and took pictures
  5. The day I drove across Oklahoma with my [ex]best friend from college in the middle of the summer with no air conditioning in an old-ass Dodge pick up

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