Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And on the other end...

I can't help but follow up my last post with a balanced one, b/c there are plenty of things I do not love. I'm also finally PMS-ing so things that usually don't annoy me actually do. However, I also just worked my second shift in a row (and Tuesdays are HELL for the OR) and am pooped so I'll keep it short. Keep in mind I've spent the last 2 days at work so a lot of my non-love's are work related.

I do NOT love:
  • People that drive at night in traffic with their brights on
  • People that drive at night in the rain with NO lights on
  • Unit secretaries that are bitches. If you hate your job then find another one. You work at Duke- say the name and somewhere else will hire you b/c, well, you worked at Duke. Hanging up on me, being rude to me, expecting me to go out of my way when I'm busy b/c you're too lazy to get off your fata$$ is unacceptable. Life is not THAT hard
  • Smokers. You're making me at risk for lung cancer and these days it's the non-smokers that get it
  • Gossipers. Are you more awesome than everyone else? Probably not. So shut it :-)
  • Commercials. Really? I think I watch more ads for vag cream that actual TV shows
  • Mucus. I don't care what hole it's coming out of- I do not heart it
  • People with bad hygiene. If I am >5 feet away, you are NOT homeless, and can still smell your funk, there is a problem
  • Cupcakes. I always want them and therefore they make me upset
  • Ungrateful people. I don't see this as much as you would think at work b/c I kiss ass and smile big, but it still irritates me when it happens
  • Being put on hold for >5 minutes. I have a job to do also
  • Tailgaters. If I could destroy the car of every tailgater I would
  • Being hungry. It makes me eat, gain weight, feel bad, and want to diet
  • The sound of the dogs smacking their tongue- I love our dogs but the sound of tongue and saliva constantly moving in their mouth b/c they don't understand drinking water when they have dry mouth is SO frustrating
  • Litterboxes. All cats should know how to use a human toilet.
Okay, got carried away. That's all.

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