Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

This is the masterpiece we have when AB carves the can't tell in the picture but this pumpkin is HUGE too.

Prompt and mind change

Prompt: What is between love and hate?
Like, dislike, and as my sister has already said, indifference.

I don't think I'm going to participate in NaBloPoMo again next month; instead, I'm actually going to attempt to do NaNoWriMo- ie National Novel Writing Month. I'm guessing I'll fail miserably like I did 2 years ago but hey, why not? The goal is to write 50,000 words in 30 days. With my bad memory and short train of thought, that probably won't go well but it's worth a shot.

Oh, and Happy Halloween! AB and I will be sitting on our butts watching movies, especially since I work tomorrow at 530am.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Prompt: Have you ever been between a rock and a hard place?
See: Alice's life least the last 13 years...pick a date.

November NaBloPoMo

Since November was the original month that NaBloPoMo started during, I've decided to give it a shot and blog every day next month also. I realize that many of my posts are boring or contain absolutely nothing of value to anyone else, but it's a nice place to put down my thoughts...when I have any. All I'm thinking right now is that it's late and I need to get to bed.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


AB and I tried watching the new show "Grimm" last night and I have to admit, I enjoyed it. The gist of the story is that a detective finds out he's part of a long-line of Grimm's, which are people who are not only able to see that some humans are other creatures but also to keep them in line and in balance with our world. The premiere last night had him tracking a "wolf" that was kidnapping red hoodies...and killing them. You know, little red riding hood and the big bad wolf. The wolf was seen to most people as a normal human but at times can be seen by a Grimm as what he really was. Sounds kind of confusing, and stupid, but I promise it's at least worth watching the pilot (NBC).

As for Facebook- I feel like a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders. I know many, many people absolutely love that site (hell, that's how AB and I met again) but it's constant layout changing, privacy issues, and the realization that I really didn't give a shit what 75% of my "friends" were posting led me to the big break up. It may last, it may not- but at least for now I know that the friends and family I stay in touch with are the ones WORTH keeping in touch with. Surprisingly, knowing I don't have it has kept me from having any urge to sign on.

Aside from TV and FB (wow, I sound lame), AB and I are taking the Whaler up to the lake to winterize today. We also have a ton of thank you cards from the wedding that we still need to write and get addressed so that will pretty much be our weekend. It drives AB crazy that we don't do something exciting every weekend but honestly, it's nice to be lazy when I work all week!

Friday, October 28, 2011


I deleted Facebook; let's see how long it lasts. Already I feel like less of an antisocial, self-promoting loser. Score.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Few Things

Just a few things from today:
  • I seem to have very little compassion for adult gunshot victims, especially ones that curse in my face. The one today, I believe, got my message.
  • My dogs have horrible breath. I mean beyond horrible. I think it's b/c they constantly lick their penises and occasionally eat their crap- but my dog has poopy breath and AB's dog has something-crawled-in-my-mouth-and-died breath.
  • 10 hour shifts for whatever reason are easier to manage than 12 hour ones. It still sucks being there 4 days a week.
  • I'm tired of having a stomach ache although if it keeps up, I'll finally lose some weight.
  • Grey's Anatomy is not even remotely realistic.
  • I really do love Halloween- and I'm so happy to live in a neighborhood where the neighbors actually decorate for it. We're talking blow up yard decor.
  • We need to write these wedding thank you notes, ASAP.
  • Facebook honestly makes me antisocial and feel like I have more friends than I actually do. I need a break up.
  • And I had this awesome thought process on the way to work, and wanted to write about it, but can't for the life of me remember what it was about. Damn this bad memory.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Prompt: What is your favorite season?
I'll have to go with fall. It used to be spring, because I love green and bright colors- but with my love of pumpkins and all things pumpkin-y it will now have to be fall. Plus the cooling off is always nice after the Godawful hot summers we seem to have these days. I still prefer heat, but you can't beat autumn colors, smells, and the holidays.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


My parents gifted me with a shadow-box type frame that holds my nursing degree and my honor cords, so AB and I decided to hang it up with his degrees and license surrounding it in our office. It makes me look smart so I'm very fond of it!
Also, for the wedding my BIL's cousin painted me a picture from "Alice in Wonderland"- my mom helped me pick out the frame for it and it's finally hung in the bedroom. I love it.


What happened between breakfast and lunch today?
That is yet another hard prompt because I never had breakfast today. I woke up around 9am and went straight to my primary care physician's office to follow up on some lab tests. Bottom line- I'm perfectly fine and have a problem being lazy. She prescribed me some cream for my acne too...yay. My mom is on the way over now and we're headed to grab some Starbuck's before she drives me to Duke for another test. It's not a big deal, but it is painful so I need someone to drive me in case I end up in the fetal position for hours. Maybe I should come back and post what happens between now and dinner...

So between breakfast/lunch and dinner, I went to a doctor's appointment at Duke (hate teaching hospitals, hate residents getting anywhere near my privates which they ie he did), did a little shopping with my mom, and watched this week's episode of "HIMYM" with AB. I, amazingly, didn't spend much but I did finally purchase a scrapbook for our wedding stuff. Granted, it will probably take until our 1-year anniversary for me to put anything in it but at least I made the first step.

Monday, October 24, 2011

TV and stuff

AB and I have been trying out some new shows this fall, which would be hard not to do because they advertised the hell out of them all summer. We tried "Once Upon A Time" last night on ABC and actually enjoyed it. I'm not going to say I'm stuck on it yet, but since most pilots are kind of rough around the edges and it still kept us interested, we're definitely going to give it a chance. We've also gotten hooked on "Revenge" on ABC. I don't know what it is about a vengeful psychopathic bitch that's so entertaining, but it's a good hour of enjoyment. We're still trying to watch "Pan Am" but it's right on the edge of boring the hell out both of us (it's so rare we agree on anything that I have to take advantage of the "us"). Oh, and "American Horror Story"- weird and freakish as hell but we can't seem to not watch. Damn having a DVR. I would never watch TV if we didn't have a DVR.

Prompt: What's best between two pieces of bread? That's hard, because I do love me some sandwiches, but if I had to choose one thing, I would go with peanut butter and jelly. You just can't beat it (unless you're allergic to nuts in which case that just sucks for you).

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Once Upon A Time

New show on ABC. We're watching it now; we'll see how it is (b/c it's by the creators of LOST and I LOVED that show).

Saturday, October 22, 2011


eating/drinking: bojangles. which is pathetic b/c we just spent hundreds of dollars on groceries at wal mart

feeling: lazy. going to wal mart was about all i did after i rolled out of bed at noon

listening: to the tv, the dogs toenails clicking

watching: reruns of how i met your mother, although we're about to watch pirates 4

reading: nothing. lazy. me.

loving: that i can wear jeans and sweatshirts and not look like a fool...b/c it's actually cold

disliking: that the dogs always stink

thinking: i can't believe i have to bolt the cat feeder to the wall in a few minutes

hoping: work is better next week

wishing: for world peace and a smaller waist

Friday, October 21, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today was a ridiculously hard day at work, which makes me THAT much more thankful that I didn't come home to cat piss on the floor and a destroyed cat feeder. It was hard not because the patients were insanely sick like ICU or ER, but hard because it was so busy. I juggled incoming and outgoing patients all day and when I finally got down to one we couldn't get her discharged due to complications. As soon as she was gone I hightailed it down to the other end of the unit only to end up with four more down there. My legs hurt, my eyes are tired, and I just want to sleep...but yay I get to do it again tomorrow. These 4 10-hour shifts are KILLING ME. I know if AB read this he would laugh, because he told a guy the other day that I have a slack job and do no work, but I guess any job compared to the super exciting ED is not as good. Bahaha. Ignorance.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


If I weren't an animal person I would strangle my cat. For the past week now I have come home to a destroyed cat feeder (which FYI is bolted to the wall and he still tears apart) and urine on the rug...b/c he didn't like my new litter. Needless to say, him and I are not close right now and he'd be out on the streets if I didn't have a conscience. Grrrr. I would post more but I have to go clean the odor killer off the rug.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


The prompt for today is something about my tween years. I don't remember my tween years but I'm fairly sure they were just fine. I was raised in an awesome family and didn't lack in friends during that time, so tween years=good. I wish my memories were better though because it gets frustrating not remembering anything. I don't even remember things when other people describe them to me. Actually, I think most of my memories are based on photos that I have. Le sigh.

Monday, October 17, 2011


My youngest sister was my maid-of-honor in my wedding; not because I don't love my middle one but because she and I have always been closer. I received the photo CD from our photographer so I thought I'd share some of us below.


AB and I had an enjoyable time camping over the weekend. Rather than backpacking (long story) we ended up getting a campsite (the last one available actually) at Mt. Pisgah. I had been there before with my family many years ago so I didn't remember much, but it was a nice place. The bathrooms were even heated- I seriously comtemplated sleeping in there at night. The trip was also a learning experience; we learned not to pack for a camping trip the morning of! Needless to say we forgot some things and had some issues but all-in-all it was okay. I wish we had packed more blankets for the evenings more than anything- the dogs and I literally shivered all night long both nights (hence the wanting to sleep in the bathroom).

We got some good hiking in both days- Saturday we hiked around Flat Laurel Creek which was a 4-5 mile trail, and then Sunday we hiked around Graveyard Fields (maybe 2-3 miles). Both of us are a bit out of shape, so we didn't do as much as I would have liked, but it was a good workout for us and our aging dogs. On the way home Sunday we stopped in Winston Salem and had a good little visit with my aunt and uncle; it's nice getting to see family b/c it seems to happen so rarely unless some kind of big event happens.

Today I had an appointment with my new primary physician- the first one I've had since I was on my parent's insurance (I feel like a big girl now!)- and got my permanent crown put on. I'm convinced my teeth are now crooked but at least it doesn't hurt. Tomorrow it's back to work but I admit, having a day off in between camping and work is a blessing.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Home again

AB and I had a fairly enjoyable trip to the mountains, however, we just got home and we're not only tired but we reek. I will post about the trip tomorrow and add some pictures.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


we made it to the mountains and it has been quite an adventure. no cider yet  either. imm typing this on my phone so Ill write more later with better punctuation.

Friday, October 14, 2011


AB and I are headed to the mountains in a few minutes to attempt camping together. It has happened once before in Colorado, but was only one night and sans one dog. This should be interesting. We were originally going to backpack but Shark Week happened so we need a campground with a comfort station (haha). We're aiming to stay at Mt. Pisgah, which ironically enough is where my family used to camp...a lot. I'm mainly looking forward to the fresh air and fresh cider, but hopefully all of it runs smoothly. Knowing us though it won't.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Today was a long day; it was also my fourth one in a row so needless to say I'm wiped. It wasn't as busy as Thursdays usually are but I did have some issues going on that made it more frustrating than usual. It was definitely one of those days that reminded me that nursing is a means to an end, and not my ultimate calling.

When I did finally got home I discovered a large drooly dog spread across my bed (fail), the cat feeder toppled and dragged across the room (fail), the litterbox clogged (fail), and nothing desirable to eat (super fail as I did not get any kind of break since 1pm today and am a bit hungry). Thankfully this is a four day weekend. AB and I are going backpacking and/or camping this weekend up in the mountains and I get to catch up on all my exciting doctor's appointments on Monday (goody). I will do my best to post on Saturday but if I miss that day then I'll just do double duty another. I'm not fond of taking technology on my vacations so I try to leave them at home. Wish other people would....sigh.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Flashing before my eyes

If your life flashed before your eyes, what are 5 moments you know would be included?
Well that's a hard one b/c I don't remember much but let me try. These are random but when I think of memories they pop into my head first.
  1. Wiping out while dancing up the steps at the wedding with Alister stepping all over my dress and the wedding planner telling him he forgot his bride
  2. The hummingbird that showed up at my Grandpa's funeral (my Grandma LOVED hummingbird's and she had passed away shortly before him)
  3. Cantering bareback across a field (no joke) a few years ago on a friend's chestnut ex-rodeo horse
  4. Sitting on the steps as a child with my sisters any Christmas morning while my parents and grandparents videotaped us and took pictures
  5. The day I drove across Oklahoma with my [ex]best friend from college in the middle of the summer with no air conditioning in an old-ass Dodge pick up

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tues Prompt

What do you think happens after you die?
Good bye.

And on the other end...

I can't help but follow up my last post with a balanced one, b/c there are plenty of things I do not love. I'm also finally PMS-ing so things that usually don't annoy me actually do. However, I also just worked my second shift in a row (and Tuesdays are HELL for the OR) and am pooped so I'll keep it short. Keep in mind I've spent the last 2 days at work so a lot of my non-love's are work related.

I do NOT love:
  • People that drive at night in traffic with their brights on
  • People that drive at night in the rain with NO lights on
  • Unit secretaries that are bitches. If you hate your job then find another one. You work at Duke- say the name and somewhere else will hire you b/c, well, you worked at Duke. Hanging up on me, being rude to me, expecting me to go out of my way when I'm busy b/c you're too lazy to get off your fata$$ is unacceptable. Life is not THAT hard
  • Smokers. You're making me at risk for lung cancer and these days it's the non-smokers that get it
  • Gossipers. Are you more awesome than everyone else? Probably not. So shut it :-)
  • Commercials. Really? I think I watch more ads for vag cream that actual TV shows
  • Mucus. I don't care what hole it's coming out of- I do not heart it
  • People with bad hygiene. If I am >5 feet away, you are NOT homeless, and can still smell your funk, there is a problem
  • Cupcakes. I always want them and therefore they make me upset
  • Ungrateful people. I don't see this as much as you would think at work b/c I kiss ass and smile big, but it still irritates me when it happens
  • Being put on hold for >5 minutes. I have a job to do also
  • Tailgaters. If I could destroy the car of every tailgater I would
  • Being hungry. It makes me eat, gain weight, feel bad, and want to diet
  • The sound of the dogs smacking their tongue- I love our dogs but the sound of tongue and saliva constantly moving in their mouth b/c they don't understand drinking water when they have dry mouth is SO frustrating
  • Litterboxes. All cats should know how to use a human toilet.
Okay, got carried away. That's all.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Love it

Despite the fact that I'm going through that monthly mood swing phase, I've felt pretty good lately. It's fall, AB and I are going backpacking this weekend, the family is well, the pets are healthy (as far as I know, they haven't said otherwise), I'm not a total heifer despite how much I eat, the Halloween decorations are up, and I'm not completely broke. So, in honor of me not feeling like the usual bitch, I'm sharing things that I love.

I :
  • Everything pumpkin. I know I've mentioned that in a previous post, but I'm very passionate about pumpkin
  • The holidays that fall between October and December (New Year's has never been a big deal other than it gives me a reason to stuff my face with Hickory Farms goodness)
  • Lit fireplaces
  • When the leaves change for the fall
  • When everything gets green again for the spring
  • Snoozing in a hammock
  • Cruising on a boat
  • Cantering bareback across an open field (I haven't ridden in a long time but the last few times it was bareback on this awesome Quarter Horse that moved like a rocking horse)
  • My truck. It's old, it has a lot of mileage, my heated seat is broken, and it gets shit for gas mileage...but it's big and tanky and comfortable
  • Getting up on the wake board and subsequently not eating it face first after I do
  • Kayaking with my dog in the intracoastal waterway
  • Thunderstorms, especially at the beach
  • Christmas morning...although this Christmas I will be working a shift in the hospital. Sigh
  • A good book...especially sequels b/c there's more time to get to know the characters
  • Same as above, except for movies. That might be why some of my favorites are LOTR and Pirates of the Caribbean (although I haven't even watched the 4th one)
  • Cupcakes...of every size, shape, color, and flavor
  • Boots. Uggs, cowboy boots, knee-high's, thigh high's, ankle high', all boots
  • Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes, skinny caramel macchiato's, and pumpkin bread
  • My homemade pumpkin cranberry bread...yes, I do make something I love
  • My nephew/godson's smile :-)
  • An obvious, my family, husband, pets, and close friends
  • Our wedding was awesome. No joke
  • Back massages...but more so from people I know or women masseuse's...male ones creep me out
  • Soft, worn in jeans without holes in the crotch
  • Down comforters, because I get cold easily...oh, and my down jacket...b/c I get cold easily
  • Playing a song on the piano without cursing my way through a bunch of mistakes
  • The anticipation of going somewhere new and/or different
  • The smell of pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, and horse manure
  • Mushrooms and onions
  • The moment when my airplane lands safely and I know I'm not going to die in a place crash
  • Pinterest
  • Pictures of baby animals
  • The smell of the NC State Fair...and the food
  •'s a game. A stupid one. But I love it
  • Purple and green. Together, separate, either way
Okay, that's all I can think of off the top of my head. I'm also at work, which greatly decreases my desire for much of anything.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Updated Halloween decorations

A few more new ones and a few updated old ones from the previous post; we also switched out the garage lights for black lights and put spiderwebs on the mailbox...
On the DVD racks
 Holograms in front of the porch

Side table
 Mural on the side of the house- we have spotlights shining up at it
 Self explanatory
The pumpkins again, with the pumpkin lights around the front door

Halloween & NASCAR

Next to Christmas, Halloween is probably my second most favorite holiday. I never do anything particularly exciting for Halloween (not since college anyways) but I love the decorations, the colors, the candy, and most of all, everything pumpkin. Although they're not in season anyways, I feel like pumpkins get gypped most of the year. When Starbucks stops carrying their pumpkin spice latte it's like a tiny part of me dies until the next fall. Okay, well not quite but you get the idea.

So today I decided to haul out my Halloween decorations and get in the spirit. Less than 1/2 a box in I realized it might be time to start investing in new decorations because some of my old ones are torn up. Really torn up. Torn up enough that AB would make them disappear while I'm at work because he's embarrassed by them. I have to go to Michael's today anyways to pick up a picture matting so I might just have to browse. For now though I do have electric jack-o-lanterns spread throughout the house.

Also, yesterday AB got to use his wedding gift and go to Charlotte Motor Speedway to drive a NASCAR car for a few minutes. His dad went with him, which was great because NASCAR is something they enjoy together. AB said he had an awesome time and I believe he managed to get up to 135mph around the track. Hopefully he doesn't try to drive his Matrix like he drove the racecar yesterday!

In the video he's driving the yellow car.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shopping queen

Friday was payday. Money has been tight while trying to pay off the wedding but it now it's tighter thanks to my inability to control myself when shopping with my mom. We went out with the intention of picking up a few things. I now have a car loaded with one huge pumpkin, 3 smaller ones, 3 gourds, 2 picture frames, some leg warmers, a centerpiece, some hiking pants, a self-inflatable air pad, a collapsible dog water bowl, and a mum. Sigh. But it all looks so pretty so it's worth it (I think) although A might think otherwise.

More prompts

Which flight do you like better -- going somewhere or coming home?

How is that even a question? I definitely prefer the flight going somewhere; all that anticipation and excitement. I don't think I've ever flown anywhere in which the flight home was more desired...although I do tend to miss my pets a lot so I'm always looking forward to seeing them. Wait, I take that back- there was a certain flight from LAX to RDU many years ago that I couldn't get on fast enough. That flight was also a huge changing point for a lot of things. Aside from that one, I will have to go with the outgoing flight!

What is something you always pack on a trip?

Simple. My driver's license.

List two things (however close or far) that your childhood home is between.

My childhood home was in between two places that people always enjoy traveling to: the Outer Banks and the Appalachian Mountains. Although I'd like to live somewhere other than NC, I have to admit that we have everything from beaches to mountains...although we don't seem to have seasons anymore.

Friday, October 7, 2011

A Prompt

Talk about one important thing that happened between last Friday and today.

Now see that's a hard one, because my memory is crap and I genuinely have trouble remembering what I did a few days ago. That being said, I obviously have to come up with something. Okay, we'll go with taking the boats out of the lake last weekend. That seems like it would be something small and insignificant, but it pretty much symbolized the end of boating season. Which is depressing. Because I love boating. We didn't do as much this summer because we were working so much and worrying about the wedding, so it's super depressing because summer passed us right by. I know there's always next summer, but one thing I've learned while working at the hospital is that you never know when the end will come. There's no guarantee that I will even be around next summer (not to be morbid or anything) so it's always sad to see the end of a season and hobby that I enjoy. On the other hand, I feel guilty that my important event was taking boats out of the water. Some people would be able to say that they found out their cancer is in remission or that their fetus is perfectly healthy. I'm selfish and egotistic though so I'm going with boating.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Today was a long, tiring day and I'm totally worn out. I've got nothing.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Top 10 Guilty Pleasures

  1. Mimosas
  2. Peanut butter M&M's (I have a jar that forever stays refilled)
  3. TapFish
  4. Hammocks
  5. LOTR or Pirates of the Carribean
  6. Boots, especially my Uggs which I won't wear in public b/c I refuse to conform or my tan cowboys
  7. Starbucks pumpkin spice latte's in the fall and skinny caramel macchiato's the rest of the year
  8. Heated car seats
  9. A lit fireplace in cold weather- preferably wood b/c it smells better but I'm great with either
  10. Boating
I'm sure I have another 10 guilty pleasures but I'll draw the line on these.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Really? Really.

I've been "training" to be a closing nurse in pre-op since one of the main ones left for another job. When you close in pre-op you're pretty much responsible for making sure all the next day surgeries have been notified and taking care of any add-on patients that come in for surgery (emergency and inpatient). I'm comfortable with most of it already but there are a few things I'm questionable on, which is why I always get paired with someone else. The nurse I was with tonight, while being an incredibly sweet woman (she really is one of the genuinely nice people), had just returned from maternity leave and therefore was still 99% focused on her baby and 1% focused on work. This is how I felt like the night went (and I admit to a slight exaggeration):

Me: Who do I need to call about getting this patient down here b/c the OR wants them?
Her: Have you seen my baby (stare at FB)- he's so adorable. Oh, have you seen my baby? Isn't he sweet?
Me: So...this patient has no consents for surgery and no one listed. Who should I call?
Her: My baby is adorable. I miss my baby.
Me: This woman on the phone wants to cancel a Friday surgery for her mom and she doesn't know the surgeon's name. What do I tell her since she apparently knows nothing and we don't know Friday's schedule yet?
Her: I miss my baby.
Me: I miss my bed but I still need to know what to do with this patient over here who has gone comatose all of the sudden & the CPR isn't working.
Her: Try again? I have to show so-and-so my baby pictures. Be there in a sec.
Me: I think the guy in the next bedspace is vomiting blood.
Her: (staring intently at baby pictures on FB)
Me: Hello???

So I do admit that I am exagerating some but that's about how I felt. I did almost all of the stuff tonight and handled pretty much all of the calls and transfers while she showed people baby pictures on FB. Sigh. I'm so thankful that, while my sister does take a lot of pictures, she doesn't get obnoxious about it.

Monday, October 3, 2011


So starting last night I've been getting dizzy, shaky, weak, nauseous, and sweaty after eating. I thought yesterday I was just dehydrated but it happened again today after lunch and dinner. I checked my blood sugar 30 minutes after dinner and it was on the low side (according to an actual diabetic) so I'm not sure what's going on. Considering no one in my family is diabetic I'll be pissed if I've developed diabetes. On the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised b/c if one were to be what they ate, I'd be a sugar cube. I go to the doctor on Wednesday anyways so maybe he will have an idea (not holding my breath though b/c he seems to do stuff half ass sometimes).

On a different note, today was a nice fast-flowing day at work. I started all of my IV's on the first stick and except for getting a lecture from a holier-than-thou fellow who can't do an easy job correctly it was definitely a good day. Glad to be home but not dreading doing it again tomorrow.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I'm generally a warm weather kind of person, but there are a few things I love about the fall:
  • Everything pumpkin- pumpkin lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin ale, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cakes, pumpkin candles, and on and on
  • A lit fireplace; provides such a relaxing ambiance...yes, I used the word ambiance
  • The leaves changing colors- especially in the mountains. These days it seems to happen in a weekend though so you have to be quick to catch them
  • Fresh apple cider and red apples from the Appalachian mountains
  • Halloween and Halloween decorations- Alister makes fun of me b/c I have boxes of them but I always want to buy more
  • Thanksgiving- always a good time to spend with family, eat too much, and sleep too much
  • Hiking and camping in the mountains- I grew up doing both but haven't been in a long time. A and I are going backpacking in a few weeks so that should be an experience to say the least
  • Wearing pants and long sleeves without getting funny looks; the funny looks are b/c I wear the same thing in the middle of the summer too
  • Shorter days and longer nights- more excuse to sleep longer. I love sleep
  • Best of all- it means Christmas is right around the corner

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Today is the first day of NaBloPoMo (again). Sadly, I have nothing to say- really. We just got back from taking the boats out of the water at Kerr Lake and this time of year is always bittersweet. No more boating and boarding for 6+ months but I am looking forward to camping and skiing. We also finally got the thank you cards for the wedding in the mail and I'm not looking forward to that stack!