Tuesday, September 27, 2011


eating/drinking: a dogfish head indian brown ale

feeling: tired as hell. today was a long, hard, busy one

listening: to the tv, the dogs toenails clicking

watching: reruns of sex and the city

reading: nothing right now. currently in the market for something new

loving: actually, life. it's not too bad right now

disliking: that alex and laird are flying back across the country tomorrow

thinking: i really need to unpack

hoping: tomorrow isn't as crazy

wishing: for world peace and a smaller waist

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Today Alister and I went to my parents house (again, as we went yesterday also) to spend some time with the family before Alex and Laird leave tomorrow. They're not flying back to Washington until Wednesday but they're heading to Charlotte tomorrow to see the in-laws one last time. I'm glad they're getting to go back home but it's also sad; they live across the country and since airplane tickets aren't cheap, the baby will be crawling before I can get out there to visit again. They grow up so fast. Anyways, it was a nice visit with some yummy smoked turkey and mimosa's not to mention quality family time. I know, this post isn't all that exciting, but since I slacked on taking pictures I'll try harder in October for NabloPoMo.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Starting again

Like 1/2 of my other posts, I will admit that I have completely neglected this blog. In an attempt to resurrect it, I am going to participate in NaBloPoMo again in October. My sister is going to try it also, so maybe between the two of us we can succeed (although I admit that the last time it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be).

I'm also trying to give this thing another shot because I need a different way to share updates with family aside from Facebook. I loathe Facebook. Granted, it's a love-hate kind of thing, but it's ever changing and raping me of my privacy, so I'm turning to blogging in an attempt to replace my useless obsession (ie FB). I realize blogging isn't being completely private-like either, but it's nowhere near as open and informative regarding personal info as FB.

Anyways, not much has been happening. I am now married and absolutely nothing has changed, except that we seem to have settled in to a more comfortable zone. Maybe we were both paranoid of the other leaving although we rarely voiced it; I think sealing the deal kind of made things more permanent (to us). Maybe? I don't know. But it hasn't been bad- we had an awesome party and got awesome gifts. I'll start working on the awesome thank you cards as soon as they arrive.

I've also become addicted (addictive personality much?) to Pinterest which is a website that allows people to "pin" things they like. Photos, quotes, recipes, clothes, etc. It's like an online pinboard. Probably totally pointless but fun.

So that's about it...probably not much posting right now but starting October there will at least be a few sentences every day.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

Big Day

So last Saturday I finally bit the bullet and got hitched. It ended up being an awesome weekend as a whole and as far as I know, everyone involved had a lot of fun. I was surprisingly unstressed compared to what I usually am when anything is going on, so that definitely made things more enjoyable. My sister and family/friends threw me a bachelorette party Thursday night at Sparians Bowling. We had our own 4 lanes separated from the rest of the alley in addition to couches, flat screen TV's, a buffet, and a waitress to bring us drinks. It was really fun considering I never go bowling!

Friday morning family started arriving and helped us set up chairs, tables, and decorations. If it weren't for my family I don't know what we would have done- they made everything possible (and beautiful). Friday afternoon we ran through a rehearsal and enjoyed dinner at an Asian-fare restaurant that evening. Afterwards two of my bridesmaids and I were talked into going out drinking with Alister and the groomsmen and needless to say, I drank like I was 21 again. Luckily I don't get hungover easily so Saturday morning wasn't too bad.

All day Saturday was spent getting ready for the wedding and at 4pm we got it done! The ceremony went smoothly although I did have trouble keeping a straight face. The reception was great- it was a little hot and muggy but thankfully no rain. We had a good photographer and pictures were all finished quickly. I'm looking forward to seeing the results in a few weeks. Everything else went well- my dad and uncles cooked some awesome BBQ, my friend that bartended charmed everyone, the DJ played great music and got everyone dancing, the caterers were fabulous, and our officiant (Alister's aunt) did an awesome job. My cousin Kathy made the most beautiful, yummy cakes possible and I know everyone enjoyed looking at and eating both of them.

Sunday we tried to sleep in but around lunch I headed out to my parents' house in hopes of assisting in cleanup; of course the family had already congregated and done it all. I was dead tired but managed to play some corn hole with my uncle and sister, and eat a lot of the food that I didn't have the appetite to on Saturday. Alister came out and we packed up as much of the wedding stuff as we could before heading back home to spend a few hours with one of his out-of-town groomsmen.

I return to work in 2 days, and while I'm not looking forward to the real world again, I am looking forward to paying my bills. I'll get some pictures posted up here as soon as I get copies.