Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wedding Grrrr's

Planning a wedding is a pain in the ass; even with hiring a wedding planner there are still a million decisions to be made when really, as long as it isn't ghetto I'm fine with it. My mom and I went out this evening to try to accomplish some things, and by some stroke of luck we actually did. The bridesmaids' shoes are bought, their gifts are complete, and one hotel is booked. Unfortunately there are multiple weddings in this area the same weekend so the high class hotel we talked to has no rooms. Hopefully our guests are okay with a newer Best Western Plus (which actually was damn nice on the inside) and if not, they are welcome to stay elsewhere!

Tomorrow is another early day at work and then another 2 days off. Now I understand why most nurses work three days in a row- it's way easier to plan things and enjoy your time off when your schedule isn't all over the place. At most I have 2 days off, while most of my former classmates have anywhere from 3-8 (really? 8? Unfair!). Only 3 more months of orientation though and then maybe I can get on a schedule that works for me (maybe, probably not).

Random prompt: What are you not a fan of? Liars, bad drivers, ignorant people, brussel sprouts, things sticking to my bare feet, sunburns, zits, commuting to work, stale beer, wedding planning, crying. I'll go ahead and stop there but I can come up with way more if needed.

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