Monday, June 13, 2011


eating: nothing...but i did just finish a low-carb meal so there is hope

feeling: tired and sore but glad tomorrow is a day off

listening: to the tv and my cat digging in the litterbox

watching: pirates of the caribbean 3

reading: actually in between books again, but i have read several since the last "rnia" post

loving: working a fairly stress-free rotation this month

disliking: my feet always hurting. guess i need to try some expensive-ass nursing shoes

thinking: i can't believe i get up at 345am to go to work every week

hoping: my mom has a fun time with alex in washington with bf; these wedding quotes get a little better; that i rent my house out soon

wishing: it would be september already and i were 30 lbs lighter

Random prompt: What three words do you hope other people use to describe you? I'd have to say intelligent, attractive, and humorous. Yeah, those are pretty safe ones. 1 relating to my intellect, 1 to my shallowness, and 1 to my awesomeness (haha, kidding...sort of).

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