Sunday, June 12, 2011


Today is an important day in my blogging history: as of today's post I have officially posted as many times this year as I did for the entire year of 2010...and it's only June. My few readers may actually have hope that I will keep this thing up-to-date! Aside from that, I really have nothing interesting to say other than I've discovered my new dream job; a judge on Food Network's "Cupcake Wars". I swear each judge last night got to eat 12+ cupcakes in one show. Hello? That would be fabulous (although not for my waistline). Cupcakes are one of my true vices and one of the few things I've never been able to say no to. Imagine getting paid to eat them...and good ones! Heaven...and diabetes galore.

Random prompt: What's one thing that you know you SHOULD do for your health that you just can't seem to make happen? And why is it so hard? That's an easy one; work out on a regular basis. I was very in shape in school and things just fell apart when I went to college. I go through phases of working out for weeks and then not...for months. Research always claims that if you do something for more than several weeks straight that it becomes habit- I worked out 6 days a week for a month and a half (and lost weight) and it never even remotely became habit. I've also tried different things; biking, swimming (that was brief), running, elliptical machines, etc and none of them stick. I'm in a constant battle of losing and gaining the same 30 lbs and now that it's 90+ degrees outside, getting back into anything has become increasingly hard. I should say I need to be active for my health (which is true) but honestly it's because I'm shallow and tired of being chunky in my summer dresses. Shallow AND lazy- not a good combination. If only wakeboarding burned more calories!

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