Monday, June 20, 2011

Mean, yet uplifting

Today was a nice reminder that there is someone out there for everyone. I know this is going to sound mean, and it probably is, but let's face it- it's true. There was a patient today- NOT one of mine- that was in for surgery but who was also pregnant (non-related to surgery). This patient was also >300 lbs and their belly, literally, was so big it hung down over their privates and stopped about mid-thigh. Now I know people gain weight after marriage, and I realize a lot of people don't put much weight on looks when they fall in love, but the patient today was proof that even people that large- and mean (okay, she was REALLY rude and uncooperative)- are able to find someone to be with them...and have sex with them. Sorry, cruel but true. So if you're someone who hasn't found that special someone- don't despair. They're out there (I hope that was uplifting enough for today).

Random prompt: Would you rather deal with vampires or zombies? Well seeing as though most vampires are portrayed as gorgeous, and most zombies are portrayed as rotting, staggering corpses that eat man-flesh, I'll have to go with the fangy blood suckers.


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