Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I've Got Nothing

Now I honestly don't know how I'm going to continue blogging every day for the rest of the month; I have completely run out of mindless things to type about (who would have thought???). The wedding planning is stressing me out, trying to figure out which area I want to work in is stressing me out, trying to get my house rented is stressing me out, and trying to find a new place to live is stressing me out...in other words, I'm under way too much stress right now! And I'm trying to avoid alcohol for several months so there's no nice glass of wine to simmer me down a little. Sigh.

Random prompt: Have you ever had something stolen from you? Tell us about it. Some miscreant broke into my Blazer back in college while it was parked at the local mall. I didn't even notice the back window was gone until I heard the wind gusting in when I got on the highway. I happened to be in the middle of moving and had just gone for a job interview (which I did get the job thank goodness) so I had some random odds and ends in there. The punk(s) got away with my bin of dirty clothing (huh?), my remote control monster truck sans remote, my riding helmet and boots, and my 100+ CD collection. Thankfully insurance reimbursed me but I decided to stop buying CD's after losing many years worth of them.

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