Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Can See It!

I can see an end in sight with this NaBloPoMo event; 4 more days and I will have managed to blog- pretty much useless stuff- every day for an entire month. I'm glad I chose a 30 day month rather than a 31 day one! I appreciate the readers that have stuck with me through all of this; I know that at least 75% of my posts have been boring as hell so the fact that you all kept checking this is extremely flattering (yet makes me wonder if you have anything better going on!).

Today was a lazy day that included me sleeping until noon, getting up briefly to eat and socialize with human beings, and then fall back asleep for a nap. What can I say? Sunday is the day of rest. I have been outside for the past hour assisting my dad with the deck building, but he's about to stop for the evening due to the heat and humidity. That and we have family coming next weekend to help (yay!) so we have to make sure there's plenty to do.

Alister and I tried looking for more rental houses this afternoon but apparently the rental market in Raleigh is nothing like the one in Greenville ie no one is renting their houses here. We'd prefer not to live out of his parent's garage (bless them for letting us use it) for forever though so hopefully something comes along sooner rather than later.

On another note, my nephew/godson rolled over by himself and he's only 2 months old; I predict we have a genius on our hands. There's a picture below that my sister put together of his faces while she was trying to dress him. Cute kid- I was really worried she might have an alien looking one.
Random prompt: Which piece of playground equipment would you go to first as a child -- the slides or the swings? The swings. I used to love to go as high as I could and then jump off and [attempt to] land on my feet. I know, not the most safe but "back in those days" kids actually were daredevils in the great outdoors!

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  1. Don't worry about having plenty to do next weekend. If the deck is finished, we can just drink beer.


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