Saturday, June 18, 2011

Heat and vision

The hot weather makes me tired, which is frustrating because I definitely prefer it to cold weather. Today's high was around 93 and I spent much of the day outdoors mixing concrete and installing stuff on the boat. I'm looking forward to the cool shower I'm about to take so maybe that makes it worth it.

Random prompt: Which of your senses means the most to you? I would have to go with my sight. I would miss music but I don't love it so much that it would kill me to not hear it; and personally I think people yap too much as it is (including myself). I would miss taste, but at least I'd be skinny from eating less. I wouldn't miss smells; my sense of smell is crazy strong and I can smell when a patient has had a hysterectomy when I walk near the room. I wouldn't miss smelling bloody genitalia (gross, but put yourself in my shoes). And touch? Well if I can see it then it's okay if I can't tell if it's slimy or not. So definitely vision. I need to see to work, drive, get around, read, etc.

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