Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's Over!

I officially survived NaBloPoMo for the month of June! Needless to say, I will not be participating in July's...although I may return in August. To be honest, I will probably not be posting 1/5 as much as I have been because it was pretty darn hard to come up with anything to say to a faceless audience...or at all.

Today was thankfully my last shift until next Tuesday and it went fairly smoothly considering I was worn OUT. Insane worn out. I had to yell out loud at myself on my drive to work this morning just to keep from dozing off. Getting up at 330am 3 days in a row is rough; for anyone that doesn't believe me, give it a shot. I also developed an excruciating headache halfway through the day and have just now found some relief. More relief will come after a hot shower and sleep!

Anyways- thanks to those that read this all month ie Alex. Sorry I wasn't more exciting- I'm a pretty lame person.

Random prompt: What is your favourite board game? It's a tie between Scrabble, Monopoly, and Candyland (did you know they're making the movie of it?).

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sad day

Today was another one of those days that reminds you that things could ALWAYS be worse. It was also a good reminder of why I don't say "FML" anymore...b/c really? My life is pretty damn good compared to what others are having to live though. I had a patient today- awesome personality- who found out they had stage 4 cancer with no family history of cancer OR any risk factors for it. During surgery they discovered it had spread to the brain and there was nothing they could do. The family was torn up as was the patient, and the patient was in their 40's. Needless to say it was a sad day for many people. To me, something like THAT is heartbreaking (kind of like animal abuse); breaking up with your boyfriend is not.

Random prompt: Do you like your name? I do. I've had 31 years to get used to it and I wouldn't change it for anything.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I made one. Those that know me know that making a decision is incredibly taxing for me, even something as simple as which pair of underwear to put on. Today I decided which part of perianesthesia to work in- preop/ASU. If I don't end up being happy with it I can transfer but as of right now I'm pretty darn satisfied with my choice.

Random prompt: What is your favourite household task? Huh? Do people actually have a favorite household task??? I guess if I had to choose one I'd go with eating dinner. Such a task.

Monday, June 27, 2011


eating/drinking: pepper jack cheese-its and some kind of red wine from trader joe's. my mom and i bought a bunch of different bottles to try so we can pick 1 red and 1 white for the wedding

feeling: frustrated. how freaking hard is it to find a rental place around here?!?!? apparently close to impossible.

listening: to harrison eating and the tv

watching: the bachelorette....guilty as charged

reading: passion- another fallen angel book. and still reading it from earlier this week. i've slowed down a lot

loving: that my house is rented and occupied

disliking: that i have nowhere else to live and the clock is ticking; also that i only have 3 days left in pre-op. i'll miss having pleasant patients

thinking: i have 2 months to lose 15 lbs. sigh

hoping: it's not raining at 4am tomorrow; i hate driving in the rain AND dark

wishing: it would be september already and i were 30 lbs lighter (yeah, i'll stick with that one)

No random prompt; I already did one for the day.

When it rains... pours. No really, it's raining pretty damn hard and it's about time too! The yards were starting to turn brown and the flowers were shriveling up. My mom and I have spent all morning running errands and took a break during the crazy weather to re-charge (again, literally since my phone was dead). In a bit we're heading back out to go look at some houses for Alister and I; really hoping we find one that works for us, and soon.

On another note: 3 days left of NaBloPoMo!

Random prompt: If you could live in any other time period, what would it be? Believe it or not, probably during the Medieval times- think King Arthur and the round table. I know women were incredibly gypped with rights (ie having none) back then but nobody was obese (for the most part) b/c they worked to survive and transportation was on horseback. I know some people would say "Well, there was also the plague" there's HIV and ebola. Same crappy diseases just different time periods.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Can See It!

I can see an end in sight with this NaBloPoMo event; 4 more days and I will have managed to blog- pretty much useless stuff- every day for an entire month. I'm glad I chose a 30 day month rather than a 31 day one! I appreciate the readers that have stuck with me through all of this; I know that at least 75% of my posts have been boring as hell so the fact that you all kept checking this is extremely flattering (yet makes me wonder if you have anything better going on!).

Today was a lazy day that included me sleeping until noon, getting up briefly to eat and socialize with human beings, and then fall back asleep for a nap. What can I say? Sunday is the day of rest. I have been outside for the past hour assisting my dad with the deck building, but he's about to stop for the evening due to the heat and humidity. That and we have family coming next weekend to help (yay!) so we have to make sure there's plenty to do.

Alister and I tried looking for more rental houses this afternoon but apparently the rental market in Raleigh is nothing like the one in Greenville ie no one is renting their houses here. We'd prefer not to live out of his parent's garage (bless them for letting us use it) for forever though so hopefully something comes along sooner rather than later.

On another note, my nephew/godson rolled over by himself and he's only 2 months old; I predict we have a genius on our hands. There's a picture below that my sister put together of his faces while she was trying to dress him. Cute kid- I was really worried she might have an alien looking one.
Random prompt: Which piece of playground equipment would you go to first as a child -- the slides or the swings? The swings. I used to love to go as high as I could and then jump off and [attempt to] land on my feet. I know, not the most safe but "back in those days" kids actually were daredevils in the great outdoors!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Moving and working

Yesterday was a long day to say the least. We started packing (again) around 8am and didn't have the truck completely loaded until 730pm. Once in Raleigh it only took 1-2 hours to unload it into storage, but all-in-all it was a 15 hour day. It will be great when we actually find another place to move into so that we can stop living out of random boxes.

Today we did some work on my dad's deck; it wasn't as hot as it has been so things that needed to be done got completed fairly quickly. Below are a few pictures of the deck, the workers (minus me) and the pups.

Random prompt: Which author made you want to be a reader? Honestly, Ann M Martin, the author of "The Babysitter's Club" series. My parents bought me my first one in early elementary school and I read them day and night. By the time I got to 5th grade I had moved up to "Sweet Valley High"...don't judge though- I graduated into reading actual literary works in middle and high school! 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Busy Busy

I am busy packing and moving and it is late. I will write enough tomorrow to make up for today.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's that time again...

...that time that I put at the top of my list of things I'd rather never do again: moving. As of right now (b/c you never know for sure until the lease is signed) I have a family that wants to move into my house this weekend. Yes, in 3 days. Not a lot of notice considering the guy called to confirm this yesterday. However, I have boxes/tape, a UHaul (and a massive 26-footer b/c that's all that was still available) rented, and a cleaning service lined up- now all that's left is to get my butt in gear, drive down, and pack up. Thankfully my mom and sister went with me yesterday to finish some touch-up painting, some packing, and some cleaning out, so there is a small dent in all of it. I try to forget how much STUFF I have accumulated (not to mention what AJB has brought with him) but right now is a good reminder. Hopefully I am able to post before tomorrow is over so that I don't miss a day- but it may just be "Hey, I posted".

Random prompt: Do you prefer big crowds or small groups? Small groups, which is why a big wedding is stressful. I'm antisocial (believe it or not) and slightly claustrophobic, which is why I'm not a fan of concerts or huge parties in general. Too many people, too many germs, too much going on. It's also why I'd love to have a medical career OUTSIDE of the confines of a hospital, whether large or small.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


eating: about to eat some black bean, corn, and chicken salad

feeling: stressed; looks like people are going to rent my house and they want to move in this weekend. being that i have nowhere to move to i have to load up all my stuff and then unload it only to reload again when i have a new place

listening: to the cat howling and the fountain running

watching: nothing

reading: passion- another fallen angel book

loving: that i may have actually found someone to rent my house therefore getting me the hell out of greenville

disliking: i have 3 days to move

thinking: man, it's hot

hoping: the people actually rent the house and don't waste my time (theme here maybe?)

wishing: it would be september already and i were 30 lbs lighter

Random prompt: What is one thing you would never in a million years eat? Dog or cat meat. Self-explanatory.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh well

I promised myself I would post every day this month; unfortunately my computer isn't working right now and since my Droid 2 is a piece of crap I can't really type anything. I'll make up for it tomorrow.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mean, yet uplifting

Today was a nice reminder that there is someone out there for everyone. I know this is going to sound mean, and it probably is, but let's face it- it's true. There was a patient today- NOT one of mine- that was in for surgery but who was also pregnant (non-related to surgery). This patient was also >300 lbs and their belly, literally, was so big it hung down over their privates and stopped about mid-thigh. Now I know people gain weight after marriage, and I realize a lot of people don't put much weight on looks when they fall in love, but the patient today was proof that even people that large- and mean (okay, she was REALLY rude and uncooperative)- are able to find someone to be with them...and have sex with them. Sorry, cruel but true. So if you're someone who hasn't found that special someone- don't despair. They're out there (I hope that was uplifting enough for today).

Random prompt: Would you rather deal with vampires or zombies? Well seeing as though most vampires are portrayed as gorgeous, and most zombies are portrayed as rotting, staggering corpses that eat man-flesh, I'll have to go with the fangy blood suckers.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Wishing my dad, and all the other dad's out there, a very Happy Father's Day. I have been blessed with an amazing dad, and despite the fact that he's impatient and sarcastic, he's incredibly supportive and understanding- and I couldn't have asked for a better one. Plus he's willing to sport the awesome Angry Birds shirt I gave him.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Heat and vision

The hot weather makes me tired, which is frustrating because I definitely prefer it to cold weather. Today's high was around 93 and I spent much of the day outdoors mixing concrete and installing stuff on the boat. I'm looking forward to the cool shower I'm about to take so maybe that makes it worth it.

Random prompt: Which of your senses means the most to you? I would have to go with my sight. I would miss music but I don't love it so much that it would kill me to not hear it; and personally I think people yap too much as it is (including myself). I would miss taste, but at least I'd be skinny from eating less. I wouldn't miss smells; my sense of smell is crazy strong and I can smell when a patient has had a hysterectomy when I walk near the room. I wouldn't miss smelling bloody genitalia (gross, but put yourself in my shoes). And touch? Well if I can see it then it's okay if I can't tell if it's slimy or not. So definitely vision. I need to see to work, drive, get around, read, etc.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Long Day

Long day, lots of cleaning, moving more "stuff", hoping for a renter. That's all I've got...thanks Alex for reminding me!

Random prompt: What's your favorite word? "Seriously?" It sums up how I feel about most people most of the time.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Which one?

Today at work we decided that the chicken came before the egg. Why? Because the chicken is less complex than an egg that has to progress to hatching. If there was a big bang theoretically, then the bang is what created a chicken (or God if you believe Genesis). Actually, it (He) created 2 chickens; a hen and a rooster. Those two got together and made the egg. Age old question answered. No need for philosophy- it was my worst class in school anyways.

Random prompt: Describe yourself using different five words, one for each of the senses (taste, touch, etc.).
  1. Taste- salty (I sweat a lot)
  2. Touch- lumpy (self explanatory)
  3. Smell- happy (Clinique that it)
  4. Vision- tan
  5. Hearing- loud

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


This evening I passed a guy flying down I-40 wearing only track pants and a t-shirt on a motorcycle. The first thing that comes to mind is "fail" and the second is "What a f-ing moron". Do people that ride motorcycles wearing minimal clothing on major highways have a death wish or do they just tend to be majorly ignorant of something called road rash? Whichever, I've seen disasters on I-40 from here to Colorado and I just don't suggest being that stupid. Plus if the person crashes and lives doctors will have to graft skin from the few protected places...think buttocks and scrotum's (just kidding about the nuts...maybe). I personally would not be able to get past a guy with rear end elbows; at least not if it was from being a pure moron. Maybe I'm just mean; maybe I'm just tired and ornery. Maybe both.

Random prompt: What food are you really not a fan of? Brussel sprouts, chitlins, fish with the heads still on, anything pickled other than cucumbers, and body parts of animals that aren't basic dishes at a nice restaurant.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I've Got Nothing

Now I honestly don't know how I'm going to continue blogging every day for the rest of the month; I have completely run out of mindless things to type about (who would have thought???). The wedding planning is stressing me out, trying to figure out which area I want to work in is stressing me out, trying to get my house rented is stressing me out, and trying to find a new place to live is stressing me other words, I'm under way too much stress right now! And I'm trying to avoid alcohol for several months so there's no nice glass of wine to simmer me down a little. Sigh.

Random prompt: Have you ever had something stolen from you? Tell us about it. Some miscreant broke into my Blazer back in college while it was parked at the local mall. I didn't even notice the back window was gone until I heard the wind gusting in when I got on the highway. I happened to be in the middle of moving and had just gone for a job interview (which I did get the job thank goodness) so I had some random odds and ends in there. The punk(s) got away with my bin of dirty clothing (huh?), my remote control monster truck sans remote, my riding helmet and boots, and my 100+ CD collection. Thankfully insurance reimbursed me but I decided to stop buying CD's after losing many years worth of them.

Monday, June 13, 2011


eating: nothing...but i did just finish a low-carb meal so there is hope

feeling: tired and sore but glad tomorrow is a day off

listening: to the tv and my cat digging in the litterbox

watching: pirates of the caribbean 3

reading: actually in between books again, but i have read several since the last "rnia" post

loving: working a fairly stress-free rotation this month

disliking: my feet always hurting. guess i need to try some expensive-ass nursing shoes

thinking: i can't believe i get up at 345am to go to work every week

hoping: my mom has a fun time with alex in washington with bf; these wedding quotes get a little better; that i rent my house out soon

wishing: it would be september already and i were 30 lbs lighter

Random prompt: What three words do you hope other people use to describe you? I'd have to say intelligent, attractive, and humorous. Yeah, those are pretty safe ones. 1 relating to my intellect, 1 to my shallowness, and 1 to my awesomeness (haha, kidding...sort of).

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Today is an important day in my blogging history: as of today's post I have officially posted as many times this year as I did for the entire year of 2010...and it's only June. My few readers may actually have hope that I will keep this thing up-to-date! Aside from that, I really have nothing interesting to say other than I've discovered my new dream job; a judge on Food Network's "Cupcake Wars". I swear each judge last night got to eat 12+ cupcakes in one show. Hello? That would be fabulous (although not for my waistline). Cupcakes are one of my true vices and one of the few things I've never been able to say no to. Imagine getting paid to eat them...and good ones! Heaven...and diabetes galore.

Random prompt: What's one thing that you know you SHOULD do for your health that you just can't seem to make happen? And why is it so hard? That's an easy one; work out on a regular basis. I was very in shape in school and things just fell apart when I went to college. I go through phases of working out for weeks and then not...for months. Research always claims that if you do something for more than several weeks straight that it becomes habit- I worked out 6 days a week for a month and a half (and lost weight) and it never even remotely became habit. I've also tried different things; biking, swimming (that was brief), running, elliptical machines, etc and none of them stick. I'm in a constant battle of losing and gaining the same 30 lbs and now that it's 90+ degrees outside, getting back into anything has become increasingly hard. I should say I need to be active for my health (which is true) but honestly it's because I'm shallow and tired of being chunky in my summer dresses. Shallow AND lazy- not a good combination. If only wakeboarding burned more calories!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Since I spent the last post bitching about things, I've decided to do a positive post on my favorite things...and not just material items. Those that know me know I like lists, so here goes:
  • Warm weather
  • Greenery...and the color green
  • Butternut squash, oysters, sushi, pizza, steak, cheese, berries, and snow crab legs. Not necessarily eaten together
  • Champagne, moscato wine, and gin & tonic's
  • Seeing new places
  • Good hair days
  • Movies made from books that stay true to the books
  • Harry Potter
  • Getting 32mpg (not on the Tahoe sadly)
  • Cruising on a boat
  • Not crashing into the water face first when I wakeboard
  • Friendly patients
  • My pets...behaving
  • Books with well-written characters that are part of a series
  • Naps
  • Planes that take-off and arrive when the itinerary says they will
  • Bojangles chicken
  • Those rare stress-free moments
  • A sundress that is flattering
  • Flip flops
  • Thunderstorms sans tornadoes
  • Not driving
  • Songs sung by men (I can't help it)
  • Pumpkin spice scented candles
  • Christmastime
  • Family reunions
  • Flintstones vitamins
  • Not having a black cloud over my head at work
  • Foot, hands, and head massages
  • Pepperidge Farm 3 layer cakes from the freezer section
  • Cantering on horseback across an open field
  • Fall leaves in the mountains
  • Good health insurance
  • Straight white teeth
  • "Boobs McMoobs"
  • Funny people
  • Sandpaper toilet tissue ie Scottissue
  • Celebrity gossip magazines
  • "How I Met Your Mother"...and the fact that I think the same episodes are funny every time I watch them
Okay, I could probably go on longer but I need to get some yardwork and laundry done. Why is it that days off from work never end up being days off?

Random prompt: Is there anyone in your family who is currently in the military? Tell us about them. My BIL is currently serving in the Army, although they're putting him through so much training that he has yet to use any of the 5,000 skills that he's had to master since joining. He's a great brother, currently my only brother (but that's besides the point), and he takes amazing care of my hard-to-please, demanding, spoiled sister (love her dearly) and her new baby/my first nephew/Fishtank. He's a little skinny at times, and he does like to sport some daisy dukes at awkward moments, but I'd trust him with my life in a second and I'm incredibly proud of him for everything he does. That and I'm his favorite sister. Just saying.

Friday, June 10, 2011


I can't help it, I have a lot of pet peeves. Most of the time I just accept them but sometimes they excessively get on my last nerve. Two of the most recent? Drivers who SLAM on the brakes on the highway for NO reason, and by no reason I mean there is NOTHING anywhere in front of them- cars, animals, people, tire parts, etc. In honor of restless leg syndrome and shift work sleep disorder, I shall call it spastic brake foot disorder. Now if someone could come up with a treatment we'd be good to go.

The other? People who like to have conversations with you from 6 INCHES away. Personal space people- I have a bubble and so should you. I should not be able to see your pores or the tartar between your teeth unless we're about to play kissy face...and even then the tartar should be absent. That being said- I found myself backing around corners a lot at work today to avoid having a fellow [well-meaning] co-worker in my face hardcore. I think she just likes being close during conversations; I, on the other hand, have never felt the need to be thisclose to someone I've just met.

Random prompt: How do you feel about the name given to you at birth? I love it. There were times when I wasn't fond of my middle name- which is truly a "family name"- but I adjusted early in my 20's and have since been very possessive of it. I long ago learned to ignore the jokes about my last much so that I won't be changing a letter when I get married. I was born with this name, have lived 30+ years with this name, and intend on dying with this name!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wedding Grrrr's

Planning a wedding is a pain in the ass; even with hiring a wedding planner there are still a million decisions to be made when really, as long as it isn't ghetto I'm fine with it. My mom and I went out this evening to try to accomplish some things, and by some stroke of luck we actually did. The bridesmaids' shoes are bought, their gifts are complete, and one hotel is booked. Unfortunately there are multiple weddings in this area the same weekend so the high class hotel we talked to has no rooms. Hopefully our guests are okay with a newer Best Western Plus (which actually was damn nice on the inside) and if not, they are welcome to stay elsewhere!

Tomorrow is another early day at work and then another 2 days off. Now I understand why most nurses work three days in a row- it's way easier to plan things and enjoy your time off when your schedule isn't all over the place. At most I have 2 days off, while most of my former classmates have anywhere from 3-8 (really? 8? Unfair!). Only 3 more months of orientation though and then maybe I can get on a schedule that works for me (maybe, probably not).

Random prompt: What are you not a fan of? Liars, bad drivers, ignorant people, brussel sprouts, things sticking to my bare feet, sunburns, zits, commuting to work, stale beer, wedding planning, crying. I'll go ahead and stop there but I can come up with way more if needed.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Relaxing Day

Today Alister, my sister, and my mom took the boat to the lake for some peaceful relaxation. It was a bit hot (especially for June) but the water was cool enough to feel refreshing. Unfortunately I didn't remember that my antibiotics make me more sensitive to the sun so I have an incredibly blotchy and uncomfortable sunburn. Yuck. I'm not a fan of burns or skin cancer but I'm lathered with aloe so hopefully it won't hurt tomorrow. Right now I'm in Greenville for the evening so I can take my dog to the vet tomorrow to get some lumps checked- fingers crossed that they're all still benign.

Random prompt: Tell us seven things you do when you procrastinate. Read a book, Facebook, look at news websites, sleep, clean, call people I rarely talk to, and attempt to find something on TV.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


My patients love me. Really. And I'm not one to think highly of myself when it comes to the opinions of other people, but they tell me. So do their families. I may not be a people person but when they constantly tell you how awesome you are it's hard to ignore it. Just saying. Being in pre-op may be tiring because of the hours but it's way less stressful and way more rewarding. Despite that, I'm looking forward to my 2 days off even though I have to drive to Greenville again. I really miss the days when gas was <$1.00 a gallon.

Random prompt: Write a post using the following words: oregano,football field,blackbird, hurricane, and loop.  I was looking forward to the pasta salad I made with oregano to take on my picnic to the football field, but a blackbird flew in a loop over my food and crapped in it. I was as mad as the winds of a hurricane.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Long Day

Today was my first day in pre-op, and although it wasn't hard work it was tiring; mainly due to the fact that I had to get up at 345am to be there. I have to admit though- my preceptor is helpful and incredibly intelligent, and it was a nice change to have the patients be awake, oriented, and not puking or screaming. I'll probably have to choose between PACU and pre-op in the end but even if I were to like pre-op more I'm afraid I'd lose all nursing skills I've gained until this point, since it's mainly questions there. Sadly, that wouldn't help me get into grad school! Tomorrow is another long and early day but thankfully I have Wed and Thur to recover before doing it again. We'll see how it goes.

Random prompt: What three words do you hope no one uses to describe you? What 3 words would I NOT want someone to use to describe me? I'll have to go with "stupid", "ugly", and "fat". Can anyone tell I'm shallow? It's okay though- I don't mind shallow being used as a word to describe me. :-)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just stuff

Today was a relaxing day at the lake, although it would have been even more enjoyable if I weren't currently PMS-ing like a crazy, emotionally-handicapped woman. I did get up on the wakeboard for a few minutes, but due to my fear of contracting giardia or e.coli from swallowing dirty lake water I didn't try to play around too much. Luckily being in the sun for the day has made me extremely tired, which is helpful because tomorrow is my first day in pre-op and I have to wake up at 4am. Yes, 4am. I know college students who don't go to bed until 4am. The thought alone makes me cringe but it does give me an excuse to go to bed at 830pm.

Random prompt: What is the hardest decision you ever had to make? Sadly, pretty much any decision I have to make is hard. I can't make decisions to save my, literally. Deciding what to eat is stressful, deciding what to read is stressful, deciding which highway to take on my commute home is stressful, etc. Decisions, if not already guided by something or someone else, are hard for me. I guess because I'm a "the grass is always greener" type of person I always feel like any decision I make will be the crappier of the two. 9/10 that's correct.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

I Get Prompts?

Apparently the NaBloPoMo website offers randomized prompts for each day, so that people like me who have nothing to say can find something to post about. I'll get to that in a second but to defend my boring-ness (doubtful that's a word) I worked all day yesterday and my mom and I drove to Greenville and back today so that I could get mail, water plants, and pick up some clothes. Driving makes me especially sleepy so right now I'm struggling to type. Yesterday was fairly eventful- starting with a stroke and ending with a heart attack- but in an attempt to not get fired for talking too much about work that's as much as I'll say.

As for the prompt: What classic film have you never seen? Sadly there are quite a few. Some of the best known ones would be "Casablanca", "Gone With the Wind", and "Miracle on 34th Street". Not kidding; just never had the opportunity or attention to try any of them. Maybe one day I'll have enough free time in between these absurdly spaced shifts to try one.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Just walked in from work at 1145pm and realized (thanks to my sister) that I have no time left to post today so....I'm tired. Long day, hard patients. That is all.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

90 Days of Insanity

Tomorrow begins my "90 Days of Insanity"; in other words I'm giving up 2 of my favorite things- alcohol and sugar- in an attempt to lose weight before the wedding. Although I can still zip my wedding dress, I've gained ~20 lbs since I bought it and let's be honest- no amount of photoshopping can truly edit out back cleavage. Therefore, in an attempt to not confuse my guests as to which way I'm facing, I'm going to try and lose 20 lbs by giving up my two biggest vices in the next 90 days (hence the insanity). Any encouragement is welcome; otherwise- shhhhh.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It Begins

Today is the first day of NaBloPoMo in which I'm supposed to post every day for the duration of June. Sadly, I just got home from work (1130pm) so this one's going to be brief. I predict it will be hard for me to accomplish the above goal; and now I'm going to bed.