Friday, April 29, 2011


eating: gin and tonic...maybe drinking these is what makes me finally update this blog?

feeling: dead tired. 13 hour work day, 2 hour commute= tired as sin

listening: to my cat eating and this giant moth slamming into my window

watching: nothing, my eyes are swollen half shut from sleep deprivation

reading: in between books. just finished the hunger games series )loved it) and the first book in the big bad wolf series (did not love it)

loving: that tomorrow my boat will get out on the water for the first time since last october; that my sister had a cute baby (let's be honest, some look like aliens at birth)

disliking: my feet hurting. there must be a solution that doesn't break the bank

thinking: man, my feet hurt

hoping: the weekend lasts longer than it feels and that my mom has a safe and uneventful flight back on sunday; oh and that my sister, BIL, and new godson are well

wishing: for world peace and under-population (same as always)...and a winning lottery ticket

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  1. you're turning into Dad...lots of gin and tonics :P


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