Sunday, April 17, 2011

RNIA (Yes, another one)

eating: gin and tonic...why eat? (there's a theme here)

feeling: hmmm...right off the bat? a little chunky (i need to lose some weight) and full (ate too much brie today)

listening: to whatever my dad is watching on tv and my mom insulting my cat

watching: nothing at the moment but at 9 i'm hoping for a new desperate housewives

reading: water for elephants by sarah gruen

loving: the weather, that my house didn't get hit by a tornado, that i'm off work again tomorrow, that i may have found someone to rent my house

disliking: never having anything to say on here when i have people that actually read it

thinking: these pants are way too tight...but i refuse to buy newer...bigger ones

hoping: i can keep this training for a 5k going. i tend to lose interest in...everything...pretty quickly

wishing: for world peace and under-population (same as always)

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  1. I actually read it. I check it on a daily basis. So it sucks when there are no updates :( FAIL. And dude...I just gave you several pairs of maternity pants! Wear those.


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