Monday, April 18, 2011

A Few Good Books

Since being out of school, I've enjoyed having the time to read books...non-nursing books. Although I've struggled through some doozies, I've also come across a few that I truly enjoyed reading. Listed below (b/c my few loyal readers know I like lists!) are some of the ones I've either had the pleasure of reading or wanted to chuck out a window:

  • "The Trylle Trilogy" by Amanda Hocking- This is actually a young adult series about trolls; I guess someone wanted to get away from the whole vampire fad with something a little different. However, the trolls aren't little midgets with poofy hair although they do live in "kingdoms" spread throughout the United States. The whole idea sounds corny as I write it, but honestly, the books were an easy read with good characters and a fun storyline. I think I breezed through all three in a few days. The author is a newer one, so at times the writing comes off kind of rough- but otherwise enjoyable.
  • "Chesapeake Bay Saga" by Nora Roberts- I've always liked Nora Roberts despite how corny she is sometimes, but I definitely am fond of this set of 4. The books are based on a family of brothers who take in a foster kid of their dad's and on the side, own a boat building business and fall in love. That pretty much sums up the entire series, but they're quick and easy reads and with 4 books, you have time to get to know the characters.
  • "Fallen and Torn" by Lauren Kate- Another young adult series, this time about fallen angels. I won't lie- I really liked these two books and am looking forward to the third one coming out this summer. The plot centers around an angel who falls in love with a human girl centuries ago, and when he was given the choice between staying in heaven and being cast out to be with her, he chose her. Now every few years she's born into a different family and grows into a teenager, only to meet him again, fall in love, and die. Sounds stupid? Yes, but it's not as bad as it sounds- especially since this time around she hasn't burst into flames yet. 
Out the Window:
  • "William and Kate" by Christopher Andersen- This book thoroughly sucked. I was hoping for a book with some interviews by the people closest to the couple, or the couple themselves, but this ended up being almost entirely based on random quotes and the media. I could have just piled a bunch of gossip magazines together and gotten the same story. Not to mention the author made the royal family sound like a bunch of crazy cheating drunks (which I realize is partly true, but way to paint a super bad picture!).
  • "My Blood Approves Books 1-4" by Amanda Hocking- I chose this series because the author also wrote the troll ones that I mentioned above; big mistake. This is yet another vampire series that comes off as being a close replica of the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer. The only differences are the grammar is worse, the characters are even lamer, and the storyline struggles...through all 4 books. If someone is just looking for another easy read about a human and a vampire in love though then this is all for you.
I am currently reading "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen and although I didn't really like her other two books, I'm already deep into this one. We'll see how it goes!


  1. I want to know what you think of Water for Elephants. Joyce & I both read and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think the movie is coming out soon?

  2. LOVED "Water for Elephants"- hoping they do it justice with the movie.


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