Sunday, March 6, 2011

Short update

Yet again I haven't been on here much to write. Last week I was back and forth to the hospital Monday-Friday for work, and as soon as I got back Friday night to my parent's house I turned around and drove down to Greenville. Sadly, I spent the entire weekend in Greenville snoozing away rather than actually spending quality time with Alister. We did manage to have a "date night" last night and went to Olive Garden for dinner. I was enjoying my stuffed pasta until I noticed the 400 lb man sitting behind me and lost my appetite. I must get some control over my gluttony. Today came too quickly, and this time I hauled my cats and me back to Raleigh in crazy weather to stay for the next month due to a hectic work schedule until April. I keep telling myself "At least I have a job, at least I'm getting paid".

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