Monday, March 7, 2011


For most of my life, I gave up something every year for Lent. Some years I succeeded (managed to go several years without drinking soda) while others I failed miserably (the year I tried to give up Facebook). Although Lent doesn't begin until Wednesday, I'm going to go ahead and write down what I'm giving up in hopes that making it official will make me less likely to fail. My understanding is that you're supposed to give up something you truly enjoy in order to make it a sacrifice, so this year I will be going 40 days without:
  • Alcohol...yes, the drink I love so much, and that includes champagne
  • Cake, cookies, candy, and ice cream...I'd say all sweets but Alister's birthday is the day after Lent and we're going for chocolate fondue. I have some willpower but that would be beyond my capabilities...and then I'd need a drink to survive it anyways


  1. Great!! You're giving up so much I don't have to give up anything.

  2. Haha, I agree with anonymous :P


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