Monday, March 28, 2011

Barefoot running, vegetarianism, Lent, and such

I've posted a few things over the past several weeks and I guess I need to do a follow-up on some of them! I love bulleting things so I apologize for not paragraphing like normal people.
  • Weight Watchers- I didn't lose a pound. I also didn't keep up with it after the first 2 months because I got tired of having to open my computer up and update my points every time I ate something. It also made it hard to eat out unless I wanted to buy the eating out points book. I know several people who lost a fair amount on it, so I have no doubt it works, but for my lifestyle it didn't.
  • Barefoot running- I've been intermittently trying to transition into barefoot running, but have hit some roadblocks with it. As one would expect, it makes muscles you don't usually use incredibly sore, and that can be a problem when the next day I have to be on my feet for a 12 hour shift. I've mainly been sticking to my Adidas running shoes since I've been working more often than not. In terms of running though, both my mom and I are still training towards a 5k and are now walking 15 minutes + running 15 minutes 3-4 days a week. We're taking things a little slower than my "Running for Women" book recommends, but it's okay because I'm grossly out of shape and my mom is technically a senior citizen!
  • Vegetarianism- This has also not been going as well as planned (big surprise!). I started with giving up pork and beef, and although I haven't eaten much beef I'm still eating pork without even thinking about it (eggrolls, potstickers, sausage on pizza, etc). That and with my low oxalate diet to prevent more kidney stones, meat is one of the only things I seem to be able to eat. I may try again but I'll have to be willing to live off of poultry, fish, milk, cheese, and a few random fruits and veggies. Healthy, but doesn't leave many options.
  • Lent- I decided after a week that a gin and tonic and some chocolate was more soothing after a stressful day than meditating.
If I forgot anything, I'll get to it next time.

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  1. Weight Watchers-- it works for some, not for all.

    Barefoot Running-- same thing. I guess a lot depends on HOW you run.

    Vegetarianism-- I don't agree with that in the first place. Given, there are a lot of animals I WON'T eat, but I couldn't give it up completely. I think I eat meat on a daily basis...

    Lent-- huh? I gave up with that awhile ago. Fail.


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