Sunday, February 13, 2011


eating: nothing, but i did enjoy some homemade eggs benedict and mimosas for breakfast this morning

feeling: impatient! i'm ready to start work; tired of feeling useless

listening: to the movie "the informant". it's not as funny as i thought it would be but this is the second time i've seen it anyways

watching: see "listening to"

reading: a book about becoming vegetarian, "the world without us", and whatever else i may pick up along the way

loving: my family, murse, and pets

disliking: not working!!! i am not contributing to society and it actually blows

thinking: the republican party is a bunch of hypocrites. no abortion and now no birth control? hello? anyone ever heard of over-population? just a thought

hoping: that i can have my ppd test from duke read in greenville. b/c i'm so not trying to drive back and forth for someone to look at my arm and tell me i don't have tb

wishing: for world peace and under-population

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