Saturday, February 5, 2011

A picture is worth 1000 words

I've recently started collecting photos for a project I want to complete by the end of this year. I'm compiling photos from the time my parents started dating up until now. I have asked relatives to send me pictures they may have, especially from my parents' pre-kid years, for me to use. I haven't gotten many pictures, however, one of my wonderful uncle's sent me several last night that I had never seen before. I want to share my favorite one below; it's from 1980 and is a picture of my parents, the dog I grew up with, and me in the front yard of the first house I lived in. My crappy memory pretty much prevents me from reminiscing about most of my childhood so it's always enjoyable for me to see pictures from it. Although I can't recall much, I do know I had a very happy childhood and luckily have pictures to remind me of that. Maybe the loads of ginkgo biloba I take now will at least allow me to remember more of my adult life!

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  1. Very sweet! And you and your sister look just like your mom!


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