Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Don't text and drive

I've always had a problem with texting while driving, and a friend passed the video below on to me the other day. It was produced last year by AT&T and focuses on several individuals who either lost a loved one to DWT or were themselves involved in an accident as a result of DWT. It's incredibly sad, but incredibly true, and I only wish every driver out there could understand the risks and quit doing it. Unfortunately, it's not just the people driving that are the danger; it's also the people knowingly texting someone they know that is currently driving. I have made stupid choices about this in the past (mainly texting someone else that is driving), but this video really hit home about the dangers of it and I plan to be more careful in the future. Nothing is worth risking your life or someone else's b/c of a text message. So people: LOL and OMG all you want; just please stop doing it while you're driving a huge piece of metal at high speeds.

This article also describes how your reaction time is incredibly slower while texting as compared to drunk driving. It's amazing to me that driving while texting is still not as illegal as driving while drunk is.

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