Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Doctors and such

Yesterday was a surprisingly busy day in the life of an unemployed person. I took my cat Indy to the vet first thing in the morning to have a lump I found on his leg checked. It was in the spot where he had received his rabies vaccine 3 weeks earlier, and unfortunately my vet still uses the rabies vaccine that has a TINY chance of causing fibroid sarcomas in cats (ie cancer). After they aspirated the lump I was relieved to find out that it was not cancer and rather an inflammatory reaction that sometimes occurs following vaccination. Huge costly sigh of relief.

I drove back across town to the house, dropped off Indy, and picked up Alister to take him to Urgent Care (which was, of course, on the other side of town again). He had a bit of an "accident" during his ski trip in Utah and the pain in his neck and back was only getting worse. It ended up that his muscle spasms were displacing his C4 vertebrae so he was given some good drugs and a reminder to see the doctor as soon as the accident occurs in the future. A stubborn don't see those often.

After Urgent Care we ran several more errands and finally got back to the house after dark in time to let the dogs drag us through the neighborhood. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing, mainly because Alister was only semi-conscious after taking his pain meds. I can really relate to how he felt, because the pain meds I get for my kidney stones usually render me useless until the stone has passed! We did manage to watch "The Social Network", which although I thought was a decently good movie, just made me despise Facebook even more (I must end my love-hate relationship with that site one of these days).

Today was a super lazy day and aside from working out I really didn't accomplish anything. I still have a ton of house purging to do; I just have to be "in the mood" to get it done. I'm hoping tomorrow is one of those days because it gives me tingles of happiness to see the clutter in my house slowly disappearing. I can't believe how much I've accumulated over the past 30 years and I can definitely understand why some people enjoy living as minimalists. I also love the thought of having less to pack up and move when I do get relocated.

On top of everything, we're under a winter storm warning...again. I think this city has gotten more snow in the last few months than it has in an entire century, and I'm not kidding. It never snows here...until this year. At least the dogs enjoy the snow so maybe they'll get to have a little fun tomorrow.

Dogs contemplating what to do in the last snow...
And chasing some snowballs...

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