Sunday, January 30, 2011


Every year I usually custom design a calendar through Shutterfly. This is the first year I didn't end up making one, mainly because I was too busy with nursing school to take any new pictures. However, I still get coupons from them all of the time because I'm a "frequent flier" and I decided to take advantage of the past two [coupons]. The first one was an offer for a free 20 page photo book if I paid for the shipping ($7). The second coupon was for 1 free Valentine's Day card and although I'm not a fan of that holiday, I couldn't resist something else free. I considered ordering multiple ones to mail out, but with money being tight I'll just frame and enjoy this one! I already received the photo book and I absolutely love it. It's hardcover and the pages appear to be very high quality, not to mention the pictures all printed well. I'm waiting on the Valentine's Day card, but am adding a picture of it below along with the cover of the photo book. I definitely recommend Shutterfly to anyone who likes to make custom photo items. The quality of everything I've ever gotten from them has been very high and the shipping prices are reasonable.

Photo book:
Valentine's Day card:

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