Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quick updates

I haven't already forgotten my blog, I've just been studying 7-8 hours a day for my nursing boards which are coming up next week. Just a few quick updates since my memory won't last long enough to think of these later in the week:

-I found out today that my sister, brother-in-law, and Baby Fetus will be moving to Washington state in 2 months. On one hand I'm excited for them b/c I know it's something my BIL really wanted...on the other hand I'm sad b/c I wanted to see Baby Fetus born and going there means my BIL will be deployed sooner.

-I took my cat to the vet yesterday due to some discomfort in his rear end and he ended up having an abscessed ruptured anal gland. Needless to say, it's not pretty. The vet had to open it up and drain it, and they usually leave the "hole" open to air. Now my poor cat is walking around with 2 holes on his backside and I have to put towels everywhere he lays to prevent blood from getting on things- not to mention he HATES getting his oral antibiotics and pain medications. I do believe that all four of my pets are on daily medications right now. Sigh.

Other than those two things, there's not much going on aside from studying. I'm reading, taking questions, taking more questions, and sleeping. I will be so thankful when this is all over. Hopefully I pass the first time.

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