Wednesday, January 26, 2011


My mom asked me to accompany her to Nashville, TN for an UMCOR teaching session since I don't have all of that much going on these days! I started to bum out and stay home, but Alister told me to get my butt out of the house and go do something, so I decided to go if anything to give him a break from me appearing to live on the couch. We arrived in Nashville yesterday afternoon and went straight to the UMCOR office for a meeting. By the time we left yesterday evening, it was dark, cold, and pouring rain. I've heard Nashville is pretty but the sights were drowned out...literally.

We went to dinner with one of my mom's coworkers and her daughter, and it was not only a great restaurant but a truly enjoyable and relaxing time. The restaurant was a cute, local little French cafe and had AMAZING food. I feasted on some wine (of course), goat cheese and artichoke fondue, their fresh made bread and honey butter, a strawberry and pecan salad, and a pastry filled with spinach, fennel, and ricotta. All of that was topped off with a triple layer flourless chocolate torte/cake and that successfully aided me in ruining my Weight Watchers points for the day...tenfold.

After dinner we drove back to my mom's coworker's brother's house (did I even write that correctly?), drank some more wine (what can I say?), and got some much needed sleep. This morning we awoke to several inches of fresh snow that luckily was not sticking to the pavement and as of now have returned to the center for another meeting. Since I have absolutely nothing to do on this trip other than keeping my mom awake when she drives, I'm spending this free time catching up on old episodes of Grey's Anatomy and trying to decide which book I'd like to start reading next. It's a tough life but someone has to do it. I'll be missing the freedom once I start working, but I definitely won't miss the lack of funds!

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