Saturday, January 1, 2011

11 in 2011 (and a review of my 10 in 2010)

Last year I had 10 goals to accomplish in 2010, so this year I'm upping it to 11 for 2011. First, a review of last year's goals and how I did with those (uh oh):

1. Skydive- Success! It was fun to go with my sister but honestly, I'd be fine if I never went again. Something about the extremely cold air forcing it's way into all my facial holes that made the experience not-quite-perfect.
2. Get straight A's- Success! Well, spring semester anyways.
3. Lose the weight and get in shape- Fail. Enough said.
4. Relearn to play the piano- Not as well as I had hoped but I did a good bit of playing during the holidays when no one was around to make fun of my mistakes.
5. Learn at least 1 type of dance- Fail. I was told I'm even bad at slow dancing.
6. Get comfortable speaking basic medical Spanish- Another fail...and besides, when would I have time to do that???
7. Do something adventurous- Success...I ended up going on a cruise with my sister and her friend to the Western Caribbean and I definitely consider the cave tubing in Beliz an adventure.
8. Complete a nursing externship- Fail. I only applied at PCMH and they didn't offer me one (although they were nice enough to offer me a job changing bedpans).
9. Graduate nursing school- Success.
10. Get a job- Super-success....and as I was reading what I had written I noticed that I even said "get a job at Duke". Score.

Now, for the 11 goals for 2011:

1. Pass the NCLEX on the first try. Doesn't seem like it would be that hard, but as I've been bombing the practice tests my teacher assigned I'm starting to wonder what the hell I actually did learn in nursing school.
2. Be successful as a nurse. In simpler terms, don't kill anyone and don't get fired.
3. Run a 5K. I meant to do that last year, but got lazy. I also shouldn't have signed up for a  5K in the hottest month of the year. I have a friend that runs all of the time and she's like a stick. I'll never be a stick b/c I love food but being more active might help the waistline issues.
4. Take the GRE and get a score >1300. My last score was in the low 1200's. I need to get in to Duke for grad school. It has to be done.
5. Lose 30 pounds. Yes, I'm serious. I gained exactly 30 while in nursing school and now I need to lose exactly 30.
6. Learn at least one dance. I supposedly can't even slow dance, so I guess anything would be a step up from that, but I'd really like to learn an actual dance. I guess I watch way too much Dancing With the Stars.
7. Do something adventurous. Not trying to copy ones from last year, but life is too short to sit around and never take risks. I need to start doing that instead of saying it.
8. Travel somewhere overseas. Whether for volunteer work or as a vacation, it's time to try that thing called traveling again now that I'll have as steady income and only 3 days/week to work. I do have a lot of debt, but to be honest, if I wait until I get out of debt to travel I'll never travel. Yes, it's probably that bad! First locations of choice: Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Africa, or Fiji. I aim high.
9. Start riding horses again. I have no intention of buying a horse until I've finished ALL of my schooling, but it would be nice to start taking lessons again. I've always wanted to try eventing...I think that could count as adventurous too.
10. Continue to get better at wakeboarding. I know that seems like a lame one, but when I started boarding in 2009 I was scared to actually take it outside of the wake. By the end of the summer 2010, I was actually starting to jump. The goal this year is to get a lot more air without smashing my face in when I land. I realize that I'm starting this sport a little late, but it's better late than never- and why else own a boat if not to use it?
11. Read more (way more) non-nursing books, both fiction and non-fiction. Over the past several years, I haven't gotten to read much of anything outside of nursing books. I'm always looking at new releases on Amazon, and I absolutely love my Kindle, but I rarely make it past browsing for things and adding them to my wish list. This year I plan to make a genuine effort to not only read more, but read a wider variety of books. Expand my narrow horizons just a little.

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