Wednesday, December 1, 2010

An update (and a lazy way of doing one)

A Nursing Poem

It’s the end of my time in nursing school
And I’m really starting to see
Just how stressful and on edge
My life has come to be.

I’m getting mad while arranging movies
When I stub my toe I cuss
My hair is falling out in clumps
I’m always in a fuss.

I’m tired of reading textbooks
So sick of retyping notes
And the really annoying thing
Is I can hardly read what I wrote.

Despite the wonderful fact
That in a few weeks it’ll all be done
I then start studying for boards
And I’m sure that’ll be lots of fun.

But in the meantime I have to hang on
And keep learning about the heart
Interpreting all the rhythms
So I can look like I’m really smart.

I’ll keep studying the kidneys
And knowing how much one should pee
Determining what creatinine and BUN values
Are actually supposed to be.

Brushing up on all I’ve heard
About the respiratory tract
Airway is most important
And that’s just a life-saving fact.

I also have to keep on top
Of all the diseases in the gut
And how to care for a patient
Who’s colon is bypassed to the butt.

I know that sounds kind of nasty
Trust me I’ve heard it for 2 years
And many times I’ve wanted
To just cover up my ears.

I also can’t forget
About all those cancers and labs
I probably couldn’t if I wanted to
Since my notebook is filled with tabs.

Marking all the important things
That I need to remember
But all I can think about right now
Is that it’s finally December.

In 17 days I get to graduate
With my last Bachelor’s degree
I think I’ll take a break from school
And just work 3 days a week.

It’ll be nice to come home at night
And have nothing else to do
But eat dinner and watch TV
And go to bed whenever I want to.

But like I said before
I’ve got some more tests to take
Hopefully my last shred of sanity
Makes it until the break.

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