Thursday, December 23, 2010


eating: 2-bite blueberry scones from fresh market and a bottle of smart water

feeling: always. i was supposed to go to raleigh today but since i'll be taking both dogs with me i wasn't in the mood to try and watch them like hawks 24/7. super lazy

listening: to the fan in the guest bathroom, the dogs barking, and the fridge motor

watching: nothing. half the time i turn on the tv it shuts back off again. i think it needs a new lamp. i need a new tv
reading: "nose down, eyes up" by merrill markoe. very funny book

loving: that school is 100% over, that tomorrow starts the 2 days of christmas fun, that i have a job waiting for me

disliking: not having any jobs to do right now

thinking: maybe i can type on this thing more than once a month?

hoping: that i pass the boards in jan/feb on the first try

wishing: we're back to the lottery thing now- wish i could win without having to spend money on a ticket...if only to pay off my student loans and mortgage and start fresh

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