Friday, December 31, 2010

Personal Year-in-Review

I did this the past 2 years so might as well keep it going!

-What was the best thing that happened to me this year? I finally graduated nursing school. I feel like I've been slaving away at it for way longer than two years and I can't even begin to describe how good it feels to be through. I plan on going to graduate school, but I guess I put that in a different category than this degree b/c I will be moving UP in terms of degrees rather than repeating what I've already done for 4 times the amount of tuition.

-What did I do this year that I’m really proud of? Got inducted into Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society, graduated, and got a job at Duke. I made it a goal during first semester orientation to get into STT so that was a nice pat-on-my-back. I'm also relieved to have a job waiting for me at Duke Hospital; the entire time I was in school I kept telling myself (and others) that's where I'd like to return to, and surprisingly it worked out that way!

-Who did I really help? My gut reaction is to say many of the patients I worked with in clinicals and as a CNA. You can't really be more of a "help" to a person than when you take care of them while they're at their worst. I'd also like to think I helped out some of my nursing school classmates along the way; I tried anyways!

-Who do I need to thank and acknowledge for having been there for me? There are quite a few people that have been there for me...the obvious: my parents, my sisters/brother, Alister, and various relatives. There are also some classmates that have been a huge support to me during the year, especially Lauryn and Erin. Without all of the above I may have completely lost my mind trying to get through this year!

-What are the top three lessons I learned? 1. Hard work really does pay off 2. African American males absolutely LOVE bloodhounds and 3. I can be friends with other females after all

-What increased my happiness and joy this year? The sweet taste of success.

-What’s something I got through that was really tough? I can't wait until I have more unique answers next year, but....nursing school! Clinicals! CNA work! It was also harder than I thought to say good-bye to my grandparents. I didn't get to see them nearly as much as other friends get to see theirs; I guess that's the way it always was even when growing up- but it was still hard to know they weren't going to be around for any more holidays, or to see me graduate, or be around for the birth of more great-grandchildren (Alex, not me).

-What did I avoid that I must pay more attention to in 2011? My waistline. I went through 1 month before my cousin's wedding in which I worked out 45 minutes/day every day and lost a little over 10 pounds. Unfortunately, once the wedding was over I quit working out. My elliptical looks sad and abandoned so I'm thinking we must reunite after the holidays...because this waistline is only getting larger and I'm too superficial for that (not to mention it's also incredibly unhealthy and puts me at higher risk for heart disease and diabetes). I made the jump and joined Weight Watchers this week so maybe that will help also if I can stick to it.
-What character trait did I develop most this year? Compassion for people. I always had it for animals but now I like to think I have a little extra for people too.

-What new people did I meet that are now in my life?  That's a hard one, because I've pretty much spent the past year with the exact same people as the year before, school and otherwise. I definitely got to know some classmates better in addition to some people I've met elsewhere in life...but honestly I cannot think of anyone as I'm writing this. If I do I'll update but for now, I'll just say I got to know several people a bit better and I'm glad I did!

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