Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

The dogs and I made the [incredibly boring] quick drive to Raleigh this morning for the holidays. We're only planning on staying for a few days so hopefully the snow falls lightly and is quick to melt. I always worry when I leave my cats at home that the pet sitter won't be able to make it; I'm sure the boys could live off their own body fat for a few days but when they're hungry they tend to eat anything they can get in the mouth. It's funny, yet pathetic with a little bit of nasty thrown in. That and I own the automatic litter box from hell; rather than scoop the poop it jams it up into a huge pile at one end and fills the house with the stench of...well, you know. Anyways, I hope everyone stays warm this evening and is able to enjoy some wonderful family time together. Merry Christmas Eve!

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