Monday, August 23, 2010


eating: fruity pebbles

feeling: lazy. and it's my last day to be that way b/c tomorrow i work and wed school starts

listening: to the ac running. poor thing pumps away overtime this summer

watching: nothing. 250 channels and i can't find anything

reading: i have several i WANT to be reading but have decided not to pick up anything new until school starts and i find out if i have time to read

loving: that today i have nothing to do

disliking: that tomorrow i will have to start studying again

thinking: this poor blog may actually get some attention when school is back in session

hoping: that the semester flies by quick

wishing: that i will have a job by the time i graduate...i probably won't given the lack of employment options for new nurses though. and that will be bad

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another List

Bad news...I still have nothing to write about. I realize people that know me find that hard to believe, but I don't. I got together with two friends from nursing school tonight so that our dogs could play for a bit. We hung out, talked about random things, watched the dogs, and then went our separate ways. On my drive home, one of the girls called to ask me if I was doing okay. I said sure, why does she ask? She told me I seemed depressed. Surprisingly I'm not depressed, especially because I haven't gone in search of Prozac lately, but I have found that I have nothing to say...even when around people I haven't seen most of the summer. I don't know if it's the heat, or that I despise my job, or that I sleep way too much these days (working nights messed me up), but I have finally run out of things to say. Some people may be concerned, some may be relieved. Either way, it's the way things are. Even so, it's been weeks since I posted on here so below is a BRIEF list of things I've been up to.

-Repeat, unless I'm not working. Then substitute drinking for working.

That is all.