Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Funeral & stuff

Today I went to Edenton for my Grandpa's funeral and as far as funerals go, well, it was a nice one. It's always good to see my family even if the circumstances are less than desirable. Because my Grandpa was in the Army, several soldiers from Ft. Bragg came and presented my uncle with an American flag. I've only ever seen those ceremonies on TV and I have to admit, it's a nice touch in remembering someone that has served. I think all of us had held it together well but when the one guy started playing Taps the tears started flowing! The church there was also wonderful- both when my Grandma passed away and then my Grandpa. There was a group of women who cooked some fabulous food, a man that sang "Amazing Grace", and two wonderful ministers. Oh, and one of the best parts of the day- a hummingbird showed up during the funeral and hovered near my Grandpa's coffin. For those that don't know, my Grandma absolutely LOVED hummingbirds; I would like to think she made it to the service too.

Tomorrow starts another day of orientation for work. Although I'm not thrilled about being a nurse aide for the summer, I'm incredibly thankful to have a job and look forward to the paychecks coming in (even if I'll just be scraping by for a while). It will also be good for experience and hopefully my foot will be in the door come next January when I need an RN position!

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