Monday, April 12, 2010


eating: nothing...who eats and types on the computer??? not me. i'd spill something all over the keyboard then get pissed b/c i ruined my already-junky computer

feeling: lazy...shocker, right?

listening: my roommate flipping pages, stetson groaning when he moves, the fridge

watching: nothing. i have to turn off the tv when it's time to study

reading: soon-to-be my boring class notes

loving: that there are only 2 weeks left in the semester

disliking: nursing. no joke. don't bother asking why i chose this career b/c "there's always jobs" no longer holds true

thinking: i need to study

hoping: that the next 2 weeks go by painlessly (haha) and that my grandma's surgery went well

wishing: and hoping and thinking and praying...i've got nothing. i'll wish for more wishes

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