Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Since being in nursing school I have had the opportunity to experience clinical rotations at a variety of hospitals. The hospitals have all had their share of issues but for the most part been okay to work at. However, one of the ones I'm at this semester is turning me off more and more. The hiring department is heinous- they don't even read applications before they delete you off and not look twice. The nurses are like middle school cheerleaders with their constant bickering and gossip. The "care partners" ie certified nurse aids have an inferiority complex with the nurses AND nursing students so they go out of their way to be rude, unhelpful, and disrespectful. The surgeons think their God's gift to low-income North Carolinians and treat them and other staff as such.

The list goes on and on. What gets to me is that this hospital is supposedly a great hospital that is building a stellar reputation and I would NEVER in my life let anyone I love be a patient there. Having seen the dangerous "short-cuts" the nurses take to save time on top of everything mentioned above makes me scared to death to let a single person there ever touch someone I care about. And that to me is a shame. It makes me concerned to have family and friends at any hospital, because the power plays and gossiping do seem to be the same everywhere to varying degrees. The country is in an uproar because everyone "deserves healthcare"; personally I would like to think that most people (yes, I said most and not all) deserve better than the healthcare that I've seen provided to patients so far in this end of the state. It's like saying everyone deserves a free house but providing them with one full of asbestos. Pointless. And scary.

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