Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break

Over Spring Break
I went on a cruise
My sister convinced me
I couldn’t refuse.
The price of the trip
Seemed to be pretty low
It all was a big front
My bank account took a blow.

The ship was enormous
2 pools, 6 hot tubs
A theater, art gallery
A spa for back rubs.
Also a library
For dorks like me
Who still have to study
While drifting at sea.
A casino, 10 bars
A huge fitness center
Stocked full of equipment
I never did enter.
Numerous restaurants
All served damn good food
And also swirled ice cream
That brightened my mood.

Our first day of cruising
We spent all day at sea
Eating and sunning
From nursing school I was free.

We stopped in Honduras
Snorkeled and saw rays
Then baked in the sun
For much of the day.

Our snorkel guide was great
I don’t remember his name
But he showed us neat stuff
It was fun all the same.
In Belize we went tubing
Through dark and damp caves
Then drifted down river
On a wet, twisted maze.
Our tour guide Peter
Was a funny guy
He told us all about
The cheap land we could buy.

Next stop was in Mexico
To Mayan ruins we went
The scorching hot sun
Made us feel really spent.
The city was crowded
With little to do
We skimped on the shopping
And got out of that zoo.

The next day again
Was spent on the boat
We had time to recover
And see some good shows.

Great Stirrup Cay
Was to be the last port
But the waves were too big
The tender boats were too short.

Instead we anchored
And hung out on the ship
Despite the missed stop
It was still a great trip.

The End.

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