Thursday, March 25, 2010


eating: absolutely nothing. every time i eat i get a stomach ache and cramping. i think nursing school has given me an ulcer

feeling: tired. i haven't had good sleep in weeks. and relieved that the weekend is almost here again

listening: to the humidifier, the tv, and the dogs snoring

watching: sadly, the vampire diaries. i don't usually watch anything but lost but it's what's on

reading: soon-to-be the endocrine chapter in med-surg

loving: that there are only 4 weeks left in the semester

disliking: that there are still 4 weeks left in the semester

thinking: i need to study. but i don't really want to study. so i'm not going to quite yet

hoping: that the next 4 weeks pass quickly (what else???). that my grandparents are doing okay

wishing: that i had less debt. that i'd win the lottery (i need to play first). that the dog would quit destroying my back yard

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