Monday, February 15, 2010

There goes more money...

On Friday my older cat Indy started sneezing. I don't mean a little sneeze here and a little one there, I mean full out sneezing fits blowing snot all over a 5 foot radius. I figured I could wait it out since most colds are viral, until today when he started breathing with his mouth open. For those that don't have cats, they do not breathe with their mouth open...ever. Not unless they're in some serious distress. I decided at that point that I would take him in to the vet. This is how the visit went (after the vet listened to his heart and lungs, which were clear):

Vet: I think it's viral.
Me: Okay, we'll just wait it out.
Vet: Well let me give him a shot of antibiotics in case it turns bacterial.
Me: But you just said it was viral....
Vet: Yes, but in case it turns bacterial like it sometimes does.
Me: Are you going to give my cat MRSA? B/c that wouldn't be cool.
Vet: I'm not giving your cat MRSA. Do you want the shot?
Me: Is this an expensive shot? I can't afford to pay to give my cat MRSA.
Vet: (gives me the look) It's not expensive.
Me: Okay. But if he gets MRSA I'm bringing him back.

I realize that I'm a very annoying person...but I just have a lot of trouble with the reasoning behind giving a person/animal antibiotics for a viral infection. And on top of it, there went another $75. She also suggested I humidify the house, so as of now my house is at 50% humidity (that's what the humidifier says anyways) and they temperature is up to 74 degrees (with the thermostat set at 68). I hope it helps the cat because it's so warm and humid in here I could bathe on the couch without having to make any extra effort.


  1. i could totally see you though having that conversation with the vet. was it the same vet that was there when i went?

  2. Yep, same one, only ripping a bigger needless hole in my pocket.


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