Friday, February 19, 2010

Nursing school shirt

I had the opportunity to turn in a "design" for one of the nursing school t-shirts. I decided to re-do a shirt that had been out a while and update it to be more fitting for current students. As far as I know the design was accepted, so here's the list (and really, I understand that mainly only students at ECU will "get it"):

You Might Be an ECU Nursing Student if you:
1. Spend all of your $ on gas driving to clinicals
2. Know the Blimpie’s menu by heart
3. Got the general malaise in Dr. Neil’s class
4. Have shared a moment of videotaped stress and anxiety with Edna Echo
5. Know what a Kegel exercise is
6. Have a soda and candy bar and call it a meal
7. Get up before sunrise
8. Pass pathophysiology…and pharmacology
9. Are cut off from the rest of the world
10. Have something due everyday
11. Are always in the “LRC”
12. Are tired of the professors telling you that C=RN
13. Wear your scrubs and are told you look “grape today”
14. Forgot what downtown looks like
15. Have a regular spot in Laupus Library for studying
16. Know too much about the ring of fire, breastfeeding, and discharge
17. Find yourself listening to random speakers for leadership points
18. Get asked health questions by family, friends, and neighbors
19. Have felt like throwing your CPS clicker out the window
20. Have rediscovered the joy of naps

Honestly, I just think it's neat that people will be wearing my words on their bodies.

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  1. I really like it!!! Way to go being so creative!!!


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