Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Every year for Lent I try to give up something meaningful to me, so that I understand the whole idea of sacrificing something for 40 days. Usually I do something food related, but I've decided this year to try something new; no more Facebook. Now a lot of people may laugh at that, but I'll be the first to admit that I'm disgustingly addicted to it and use it to the max to procrastinate and not accompligh things. I'm also not closing my account- I don't feel like it would be a true sacrifice if the temptation weren't always I'm giving this a shot and leaving it wide open, calling to me and tempting me, especially when I have an upcoming exam. In the past things I have given up (ie sodas, fast food, candy, etc) remained given up for much longer because I lost my cravings for them; I won't even try to lie and say I'm not hoping giving up FB will have the same result! We'll see if I can make it until April 3, and hopefully my grades see the benefit in this.

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  1. Ya know...this last time where I got rid of my FB account, I haven't even missed it. It's already been over a month and I haven't felt the pull.


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